Ray Higdon & Adam Chandler

Help Me Get My Horse Back From Ray Higdon & Adam Chandler

A little over a year ago this little horse came into my life but now Ray Higdon & Adam Chandler are holding him hostage and I need your help.

You see there is a lot of sentimental value behind my relationship with this horse that I got from my good friend Rob Fore.  Rob gave him to me a bit over a year ago as a present to remembering the MLSP mastermind retreat we were a part of back in Phoenix, Az.

I use to take this horse everywhere I traveled till one day in Las Vegas he went missing.  I was heart broken. I didn’t eat for days but I had a sneaky suspicion that a man by the name of Adam Chandler was holding him hostage for a moment like this.

Let me explain….Ray Higdon & Adam Chandler are selling a $29 course, called the Next Level Blueprint.  Now this course normally sells for $97.  Today and only today they have discounted this product and the only way I can get my beloved horse back as you can see in the video below is to tell you all about his course.

Okay….even though my thoughts on Ray Higdon & Adam Chandler aren’t so happy at this moment, I will say these guys to give out quality content.

So here’s how I need you to help me in this cause.  Just take a look at what they are doing to my horse in the below video.  Then go to this link ==> CLICK HERE and get access today for only $29 to the Next Level Blueprint.

If I win this contest and get my horse back I will do a video with my horse and invite you to my next Facebook training webinar that I do for paid members only.   That’s right you get it for FREE.

So what do you say?  Can you help a friend out?

What is the Next Level Blueprint by Ray Higdon & Adam Chandler?

Click HERE to get all the details from Ray Higdon & Adam Chandler on how to kick start your business to unbelievable heights in 2013.



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