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Hangout Replay How I Bill Was Able to Retire From Corporate America Because of Global Resorts Network

Global Resorts Network Helped Retire My Husband From Corporate America

Okay not just retire my husband from Corporate America but also changed my life!

I shared to Mark Hoverson about one month after joining Global Resorts Network that I wanted to retire my husband from Corporate America, be financially free, travel the world and spend more time with my family.  Back then it was just a  dream and today all of this plus much more are a reality because of my decision to join Global Resorts Network back in October of 2010.

Before Joining Global Resorts Network

Back in the beginning of October 2010 I was a single mom of 2, engaged to get married at the end of October to my now husband, Bill Pescosolido.  I was currently in a stand still with my current MLM business I was in.  In fact I had only been in the home based industry for approximately 8 months.

I had exhausted my warm market and had come to realize I deserved more than a good product.  I deserved a culture, leadership and support.  Not to mention, I was looking for more options to building an income from home.

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