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Global Resorts Network Increase, Good or Bad?

Have you heard? Global Resorts Network is increasing their membership price from $2,995.00 to $4,995.00.  What does this mean for you as an affiliate?  The price increase will now reflect a new commission structure where now as an affiliate you will be receiving 2K commissions on sales that you were previously receiving $1K commissions.

This new increase goes into effect on December 15th, 2011.  If you are on the fence you better make a decision now unless you don’t mind forking over $4,995.00.  As a leader in GRN I am 110% in favor of this move.

If you have locked in the membership price at $2,995.00 you will not be required to upgrade to the $4,995.00 therefore, you will basically be grandfathered in to start earning $2K commissions on every sale beyond the first sale and qualifying sales.  This is good news for many affiliates who are already a part of Global Resorts Network.

Take a look at this video explanation from my good friend and business partner Mark Hoverson.

Global Resorts Network Price Increase Video

Global Resorts Network

If you want to lock in the lower price before the price goes up for good on the 15th of December you still have time.  You can join by clicking on the link below or you can also call Bill or myself (Michelle) with any questions you might have, 46.247.3526.

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