Global Resorts Network

Global Resorts Network memberships offer huge savings!

Global Resorts Network offers only one product: a discount luxury travel membership.

Membership can be purchased on two different levels. The gold membership is a three year membership and the platinum membership is a lifetime membership.

The membership allows one the access to book one week vacations on an availability basis. The week long vacations range in price from $299 to a maximum of $799.  Gold membership is $1495 and Platinum is $2995.

This is a great product for anyone who travels. The easiest comparison is to timeshares. A timeshare requires an initial purchase usually more than the price of the membership available with Global Resorts Network. A timeshare also requires an annual maintenance fee and usually allows you only one visit per year.

With a Global Resorts Network membership you are not limited in the number of weeks per year. The price per week is generally less than the annual maintenance fees associated with a timeshare.

If you are looking for more than a travel membership but an opportunity too add a high ticket item to your business plan then check out…..

Global Resorts Network Compensation Plan can be viewed at the link below:

Click Here

Global Resorts Network utilizes the Perpetual Leverage Compensation Plan. Basically this is a perpetual one up compensation plan. Your first sale is passed up to your sponsor to activate your first level. After passing up one sale you receive $1000 on each sale and your sponsor or someone in your upline also receives $1000.

For every sale the enroller and their sponsor earns $1000. The perpetual leverage program does provide a passive residual income and should be reviewed on the marketing site given here.  Click Here

If you want to learn more about what it takes and how you can work with me at Global Resorts Network please visit my Global Resorts Network page.

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