Global Resorts Network is No Longer in the Multi Level Marketing Business

Breaking News: Global Resorts Network is now an affiliate offering. Now you might be saying, “Wasn’t it already a MLM?” Yes technically it was an MLM, but now it is just a straight affiliate product. Meaning one sale one commission. Therefore, if you buy the Global Resorts Network membership you can now become an affiliate, which gives you the right to sell the membership/opportunity to your list and/or warm market.

Here are the Global Resorts Network Affiliate Details:

If you buy in at the newly added $1995 lifetime membership which allows you to travel two weeks out of the year, you are only eligible to make a $1K commission on this particular level you came in on. So the best option would be to come in at the highest membership level so you are qualified to make up to $7700 in commissions.

For example if you come in at the Platinum level, which will cost $4995 and you sell a membership for $1995 you will make $1000 and if you sell a membership at $4995 you will make $3250 because you are eligible due to the price you came in at. It’s all you and all paid to you, the affiliate.

If you are not familiar with the Global Resorts Network Membership I have put an example below. This is one of the many resorts that the GRN membership has to offer. You can also visit my Global Resorts Network site by clicking HERE. Some of the pricing information has not been updated, yet but the membership overview is there for you to refer to.

Global Resorts Network Membership Details

The Global Resorts Network lifetime membership allows you to travel to over 5000 resorts worldwide, up to 20 weeks a year, depending on your membership.

  • Silver Membership – two weeks travel a year, lifetime membership , $1995
  • Platinum Membership – 10 weeks travel a year, lifetime membership, $4995
  • Platinum Plus Membership – 20 weeks travel a year, lifetime membership $12,500
The example below is a resort I chose in the back office of our travel provider, Divi Little Bay Beach, in the popular Caribbean destination of St. Maarteen. The dates chosen are for 7 days, from Sep 9-16th and the room is a studio room. Notice the price is $599 for the entire weeks stay and this is not per person, for the entire family.
Global Resorts Network

Global Resorts Network

In the comparison below I looked up this exact resort, the exact room, and the exact dates., a popular booking site has this particular resort priced at $1745.54, that’s at least a 60% savings.

Global Resorts Network

Global Resorts Network















In this example below, I checked this exact resort, the exact dates, and Expedia has this vacation at $1370 for the entire week. That’s a 50% savings.

Global Resorts Network

Global Resorts Network












Is the Global Resorts Network a lucrative opportunity. If you are considering the high front end commissions offered on each sale I would say yes. Interested in joining Global Resorts Network? Consider joining a team who has experience marketing this product offline and online through various marketing strategies. Give us a call at 469.247.3526 or email Michelle at or if you are ready to join Click HERE.

If you are committed so are we and we look forward to working with you at Global Resorts Network.

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