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Futuristic Marketing Quiz Just Release by Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson

Futuristic Marketing just released a stellar 3 minute quiz to help you see how you stack up to other marketers in the internet marketing / network marketing industry.

Click HERE to take the 3 minute quiz now.

This quiz is surprisingly cool and the results are customized.  I just recently took the Futuristic Marketing quiz and the results were quite interesting. ( I will be sharing those with you tomorrow)  The cool part is you get customized feedback on where you are weak, strong and where you can improve in your marketing.

Who is behind the stellar new marketing quiz? Our good friends Jonathan Budd & Mark Hoverson are behind this grand event. They are expert marketers in this industry with an impressive marketing background backed by social proof.  In fact these two guys were my very first mentors in this industry.

The Futuristic Marketing test breaks marketing down in a few different areas, then gives custom feedback to help you.  The feedback will show where you are compared to other marketers and will show you what skills you need to work on to become a better marketer.

Seriously, go take the quiz now if you haven’t left this page because the Futuristic Marketing quiz is one powerful tool.

How do you compare to other marketers after taking the Futuristic Marketing quiz?

Share your Futuristic Marketing results below after taking the quiz HERE and let’s start the discussion.  Tomorrow I will be going over my own personal Futuristic Marketing results.

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