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Free PLR Articles

Maybe you have heard the term PLR – Private Label Rights and were wondering how it could help you in your internet marketing business.  If you can get your hands on some free PLR articles, great but be warned that many other individuals across the internet industry probably are doing the same as you.  Most of the time these free PLR articles that individuals post to their sites are not unique in content.  What I mean by that is they do not take the time to actually spin or rewrite the article for originality. So, if you are going to use a free PLR article just make sure you at least spin or rewrite into your own words to avoid duplicate content across the search engines, who will in return penalize your content for not being original.

Free PLR Articles vs. Paid PLR Articles

While I am not opposed to using free PLR articles or just using PLR articles in general I do think you should find yourself a reputable PLR store that will provide you well written quality content.  I recently had a chance to review Nicole Cooper’s PLR Store and I must say her free PLR articles and her inexpensive PLR articles are written exceptionally well.

The great part about her PLR Store is that the store’s PLR articles are in the network marketing / internet marketing niche. You can find many free ebooks to use, free PLR articles, company review PLR articles, personal development PLR articles, leadership PLR articles, and much, much more.

Many new content marketers struggle with creating good content and find it time consuming.  If that is you, I would suggest you start out by checking out the MLM PLR Store. This is a great way to jump start your content creation allowing you more time to fit in your own content in between the PLR articles you buy.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, this means that if you buy such a product you buy additional rights for that product. So, what does that mean? This means you can resell the PLR product or if you choose to, you can give it away for free. You are also allowed to modify the original author with your own name.  A common practice among buyers of PLR articles and ebooks is to give away the content in exchange for a name and email.  This practice is called list building.

What kind of products would you find in a PLR Store?  Let’s use the MLM PLR Store as an example, they have ebooks, reports, and many different kinds of PLR articles. The price range stars at $2.00 an article and up.  You can also access her free PLR articles on every Friday and the great advantage to her store is that she offers PLR bundles.

All in all whether you get free PLR articles or the low cost PLR articles that the MLM PLR Store offers it is a great way for new marketers to jump start their business without having to struggle with creating their own content.  I would advise that you don’t rely 100% on using PLR articles but to also mix in your own content for authenticity and genuiness.

Beware though, if you venture out online searching for PLR articles especially free PLR articles.  There are plenty of places to get them from but a lot of those stores offer poor quality PLR articles that you will end up spending more time trying to correct and rewrite.  With the MLM PLR Store you don’t have to worry about the article being unprofessional or a poorly written PLR article.

A great bundle of PLR products can be found here for a reasonable price plus several free PLR articles to start with: MLM PLR Store


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