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Read for all the details:

No this isn’t a joke or a catchy headline.  I am really giving away No Excuses Summit tickets and VIP ones too.  Here’s why…. I bought 2 general admission tickets at Live the Dream II before I knew I was going to be a speaker.  Then I won all these crazy affiliate contests that included more tickets and VIP tickets too.  Now that I have tickets running out of my ears I have decided to give them away.

So, just in case you didn’t know about the recent speaker addition to the No Excuses Summit Event, Jonathan Budd has now entered the arena.

Along with Tim Sales too, if you missed that awhile back.

So here’s the deal my friends, I want to personally let you know right now that there are only 90 tickets left and with JB mailing today they will be gone forever. (The guy has an insane list)

So, in order to get you, the person I know to No Excuses Summit, here  is my offer & this includes everyone who has already bought from me.

Therefore, if you already bought from me I need you to send me a note telling me that you bought a No Excuses Summit ticket from me with your  your receipt to  This way I can get you on the schedule of bonuses offerings.

Here are the bonuses for buying your No Excuses Summit ticket from Bill & I.
(I even added another one to sweeten the POT!)

1. You will received my blogging for profits course. Jam packed with my secret ninja tools that has doubled our blog traffic in just 30 days.

2. Private access to our private mastermind held on Friday right before the event with Mark Hoverson.

3. NEW – Private webinar where I will be going over all the new and important updates on Facebook.  Including new ad policies, Timeline changes, and much much more…..

4. Then everyone who has bought will have a chance to win “live” on the webinar either a VIP ticket and/or a general admission ticket to the No Excuses Summit.

Again, I have many extra tickets coming out of my ears and I want to give you a chance to win the tickets I have available.

Did you read that?  All you have to do is buy a ticket today from us, email me your receipt telling me you bought and you are entered in
to be upgraded and/or win another No Excuses Summit  general admission ticket.

Trust me you have a good chance win!

So don’t delay go now to the link below and let’s meet in Vegas and  get to know each other better.

No Excuses Summit III

Again, don’t forget to email me your receipt even if you did already buy from me so I can get a head count of all the attendees to the mastermind on
Friday you are invited too.

No Excuses Summit III is going to be amazing!!

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