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Facebook Timeline Announced Today at F8 Facebook Conference

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What do you think of the Facebook Timeline?

I am anxious to see where the Facebook Timeline takes us.  I have a feeling though many will be griping once again over the changes Facebook is making once they implement this.  But, honestly don’t we all just finally get use to the changes?  I know I do and in my opinion Facebook Timeline is going to be an amazing addition to having your entire life’s memories saved all in one place.

Today Mark Zuckerberg announced at the annual Facebook F8 conference the newest updates coming to Facebook. The following is an overview of what Timeline is about.

Mark Zuckerberg summed Facebook Timeline today by describing it as in his opening few minutes:
– All your stories
– All your apps
– Express who you are

After watching the presentation I came to the conclusion the Facebook timeline is a like your very own web page about you with more of a kick than the regular profile page like we all have now.  It’s a “sexier” page. You can even add a cover photo at the top of the Facebook timeline page that acts as a header like in a blog.  You will also be able to add apps to your Facebook timeline page, photos, stories and much more.  Oh, and they are also coming out with a mobile friendly version along with reports provided by Facebook on your timeline.

Mark Zuckerberg is looking for the new Facebook timeline to be a place you call your home and that you have complete control over.

To learn more about Facebook timeline, click HERE.

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