So in today’s video I want to talk about the HOT topic of Facebook Status Updates..

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So when you’re wanting to generate leads and sales using Facebook, what are some of the mistakes you should avoid? Well to start, if you’re doing ANY kind of business on Facebook it’s important to know that Facebook requires you to have a fan page or a business page to build your business, another thing you want to avoid is posting business related Facebook status updates on your personal profile. Chances are you’re going to alienate your friends and family or they’re going to start thinking you’re crazy.

The key to successful Facebook status updates is to lead with value.

You see once you have a fan page or a business page you really need to create value and provide that value daily to your fans. Letting people get to know YOU is what will make you successful. Your Facebook status updates should be about solving problems that other people are struggling with like lead generation, marketing, upline support, prospecting etc. Make sure you also take advantage of your Facebook status updates by giving people encouragement, and offering your support. It’s okay to be proud of accomplishments but bragging about your cars, houses, money you’re making all of that is irrelevant to your fans that are struggling and need your help.

Always remember when posting your Facebook status updates to lead with your HEART and not with your WALLET!

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