Facebook Police

You Don’t Need to Be the Facebook Police

Mike Klingler, not too long ago decided to encourage people to become the Facebook police by reporting status updates that you felt were hype in your news feed.

Okay, wait a second if you decided to take this advice or you agree…..  Didn’t you accept this friend request or didn’t you just like their page?  That pretty much tells me you want to see their updates. Right?  So why bite off the hand you requested to see?

A much better approach would be not to accept friends requests from people who tend to throw hype up on their status updates or decide not to “like” their page if you don’t agree with their particular type of marketing.  We are all in this industry together, we are family, you can either ignore it or you can help that person discover a much better way to market.

How about offering an extensive from A to Z Facebook course and earn 100% of the sale?  I have one that many are promoting now and getting phenomenal results in their business from plus when they sell the course as a MASTERY member of MLSP they get to keep 100% of the sale.  Now that’s a deal and you can be a hero to the person on Facebook who is “sending hyped up messages” instead of being the Facebook police.  Click HERE to learn how you can become a part of MASTERY today.

So, in the video below, I discuss my thoughts on Mike Klingler’s advice about putting on your police hat and assuming the Facebook police role.  I talk about a much better approach and give you some ideas on how to successfully build your business online using Facebook as your marketing method.

Be the Hero NOT the annoying Facebook Police

So what do you say…are you going to play Facebook police or be a hero instead?



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