facebook fan page to go viral

Example of How to Get Your Facebook Fan Page to go Viral

This morning I was looking through my Facebook news feed and I noticed a friend who was sharing a Facebook fan page’s post by helping the Facebook Fan Page to go viral.  One of the more difficult strategies, but yet one of the most profitable strategies to getting more leads, sales, and fans is constructing a creative way for your Facebook fan page to go viral.

In the video below I show one of the many strategies you could use to help your Facebook fan page to go viral. Understand the concept first, then if the details of crafting this type of offer seem overwhelming, but you get the value of how it could work for you then consider outsourcing your project to Odesk or Fiverr.com .  There are also a few third party applications you might want to check out on the internet that can help you structure this type of strategy.  Consider checking out Shortstacklab.com where you can design Facebook fan page apps and Facebook fan page contests like the example in the video below.

Example of How to Get a Facebook Fan Page to Go Viral

Whether you are using Facebook for network marketing, Facebook for MLM, or Facebook for affiliate marketing or just building a massive brand online using strategies like the example I give in the above video are key to getting massive exposure to your Facebook fan page.  Again, whatever your goal is, remember if you want to get your Facebook fan page to go viral you need to think big, think outside of the box, stand out amongst the crowd / competition, build relationships and offer value non stop to your fans.




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