In today’s video I am going to discuss Facebook Dark Posts.. How you can use the power editor to create a dark post and how you can marketing it to your fans and other targets.

Facebook Dark Posts.

So as you can see the use of Facebook dark posts is crucial if you want to split test different status updates with your audience. I highly recommend using these dark posts to try different types of content, offers, and calls to action. The Facebook power editor also has other great tools you can use to create ads that you have more control over.

Such as: Mobile Only, Desktop Only, Mobile and Desktop, IOS users, Android users, Right Column ads and so much more.

I highly recommend you check out the Facebook dark posts feature and see what type of results you can get. As I mentioned in my video this is an advanced strategy. So if you’re new to Facebook advertising then I suggest you take a look at some of my other free training or if you’re ready to become a Facebook advertising ninja then check out my courses below.

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