In this Facebook advertising video I will walk you through the power editor and discuss how you can target a custom audience via partner categories. Partner categories are a great way to refine your targeting.

Check out the video below:

When using the partner categories in your Facebook advertising strategy make sure to go through each category and think about how you can serve your product, or service, to each specific category.

Some of the categories you can choose within the power editor are: Datalogix, auto purchasers, home owners, card holders, pet owners, and so much more.

Getting the most out of Facebook advertising.

The power editor is an advanced feature of Facebook advertising. If you’re unsure of how to use it then check out my other videos on Facebook advertising. If you want a more in depth look at how to create effective ads, generate leads, get more fans on Facebook then I recommend you take a look at one of my courses.

My Get Fans Get Paid course is a full A-Z Facebook advertising course that covers everything you need to know about successful Facebook advertising. I also have an advanced monthly coaching program where I take a more hands on approach with the more advanced topics of Facebook marketing.

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