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Wow I have never seen this before and the Elevation Income from Mike Dillard & Robert  are here to put their money where their mouth is.

You see it’s one thing to back a product with a money back guarantee, which we see all the time but to go above and beyond that is amazing.

Okay, so check this out.  I am super excited today, because Mike Dillard and Robert are accepting new students for the Elevation Income program.  This program will help you create your very first business within 90 days, step by step.

So here’s the cool part…..

If the Elevation Income program does not exceed your expectations, they will give you a full refund and send you a check for an additional $100.

After seeing their student’s results last week via these FREE video, Click HERE, I can understand their confidence.

This also means that everyone is officially out of excuses.  If you are looking for a way to increase your monthly income by starting a simply business in your spare time, this  is the course you want.  Plus the teachers you want.  You can bet I am already in.

In fact if you come along with me on this journey I have created a private Facebook mastermind group for us to collaborate and if you need some guidance I will be there.

I am so passionate about the Elevation Income that I have decided to throw in a few bonuses to help make this decision a bit easier for you.

So here’s what you get when you purchase the Elevation Income from us today:

1. My Facebook Marketing Course that covers from A to Z everything you need to be successful online using Facebook.  Valued at $297

2. 60 Days access for FREE to my private coaching program called The Social Media Mastermind.  Not only will you get up to date trainings from me on what’s working now and what’s not, but you will also get all the past recordings since this coaching program started back in  January.  Valued at $497.00

3. You will get me for 30 days, one on one, setting up your PHASE 1 Facebook marketing plan that will include two killer ads to getting you laser targeted fans to your page and increased engagement on your page.  I charge $1000 bucks for this and you get it for FREE.

Now how can you pass this up?  If you are ready to take your business to the next level with myself, Mike Dillard and Robert then your time is now.

Click to purchase today and get all the details on what you get ==> Elevation Income

You can also view the course description below from Mike & Robert of Elevation Income:

Our goal with Elevation Income was to create the course we’d want to hand down to our children, allowing us to pass on our most valuable knowledge to them. With Robert’s expertise on building, scaling, and managing companies, combined with my expertise on marketing and product development, Elevation Income represents one of the most detailed and complete courses on entrepreneurship ever created… Here’s just a brief outline of what it contains…

Elevation Income

Lesson #1: How to Come Up with a Life-Changing Business Idea in Less Than 10 Minutes…

We start with one of the biggest road blocks or objections faced by would-be entrepreneurs, which is the lack of a solid business idea. EVI students will watch as Robert and I uncover at least ten, million dollar business ideas in various industries, and teach them how to conduct market research in order to validate the real-world potential of their idea.

Elevation Income

Lesson #2: The More People You Help, The More You Make – Finding Your Elegant Solution…

As Robert likes to say, “there are no bonus points in business for degree of difficulty…” So in Lesson 2, we take students through the process of creating a business model based upon an “elegant solution” for their new idea. Because we expect this to be the very first business most students create, the focus is on creating a business and product with simplicity, speed, and as little capital as possible.

Elevation Income

Lesson #3: You Are One Skill Away from Making Your First Million Dollars. Here’s What it Should Be, and How to Get It…

As we both know, there’s no such thing as a million dollar idea… Only million-dollar execution. In Lesson 3, we’ll dive into the catalyst that separates those entrepreneurs who make money, and those who don’t, which is the skill of salesmanship. Whether it’s selling a room full of venture capitalists and investors on your idea, a brick-and-mortar business on your social media services, or cold traffic on your squeeze page, learning how to sell is usually the missing ingredient that leads to real results.

Elevation Income

Lesson #4: How to Turn Your Business into a Magnet for Customers, Clients, Employees, and Traffic Partners…

In this session, students will discover the magic ingredient that took The Elevation Group from a simple idea, to a tangible business with more than 10,000 paid members in its first 90 days. They’ll learn how to use the attraction based marketing strategies, which are responsible for generating over $40,000,000 in revenue for my two businesses, and how to apply these same strategies when it comes to recruiting affiliates and “A” level employees who are motivated by your company mission, rather than money.

Elevation Income

Lesson #5: Wiring Your Mind for Money

While you and I have mastered the ability to manifest our success through applied focus and belief, this is typically a completely new concept for first-time entrepreneurs.So in Lesson 5, we teach EVI students how to reprogram their minds for business ownership, and how to protect their dreams from the challenges that will come from friends, family members, and even customers as their grow their empire.

Elevation Income

Lesson #6: Ready, Set, Go…

Now that they’ve seen the big-picture of running a business, it’s time to dive into the nuts and bolts of starting one. Between us, Robert and I have gone through this process more than two dozen times, so we’re going to teach them exactly what to do and how to do it cheaply. In this session, students will learn how to choose the perfect business name and domain name, how to do a trademark search, how to create their legal entity, how to acquire the needed legal disclaimers, find the website developers and services we use, and get a merchant account.

Elevation Income

Lesson #7: How to Create Marketing Systems That Automatically Tell and Sell for You 24/7…

This section of the course is extensive… In fact, the written content alone for Lesson 7 is over 200 pages in length.They’ll learn the principles behind direct-response marketing, my personal 5-part formula for copywriting, a map of the business model most of us use: list-building, front-end products, back-end products, upsells, and continuity, and most importantly of all…They’ll get real-world examples for everything, including screen shots of our most successful capture pages, dissected emails from our most successful affiliate promotions, copies of our most successful sales letters, and the entire launch series for EVG which produced over $3.2MM in it’s first 7 days of business.

Elevation Income

Lesson #8: How to Hire and Build an Incredible Team of “A-Players”

As their business continues to grow, they’ll need to start hiring people. As you probably know all too well, this is a crucial step because making a wrong hire is the single most costly mistake a business owner can make. The process of hiring, and firing is one of the most foreign and dangerous pitfalls for all new entrepreneurs. Thankfully, Robert is one of the best team-builders and leaders I’ve ever seen, and his wisdom on this topic is priceless.

Elevation Income

Lesson #9: The Financial Metrics and Statements We Use to Run Our Companies…

To run a profitable business, there are a few critical pieces of information that you must watch like a hawk, so in this session, Robert and I will share our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), with EVI students. We include and define every KPI we personally use in our companies for our financial metrics, and traffic and conversion metrics.

Elevation Income

Lesson #10: Bringing Your Business To Life: How To Set Up Your Shopping Cart, and Make Your First Sale…

I am not a techie, I can’t program, and I don’t know HTML. But thankfully, there are some incredible tools and systems we’ve all used over the years that allow us to set up an entire business for very little money, and without any tech experience. In this session will be sharing these popular services with our EVI students, along with some of the most valuable content in the entire course, as I candidly share my very, very, very expensive lessons learned the hard way when it comes to technology.

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