Disney Vacation Club

How the Disney Vacation Club Works:


Disney Vacation Club is based on a system of points. Once you are a member you will start to receive annual points called Vacation Points.  This the allotment will be based on the size of your investment in the real estate.  These points can be used towards your vacations at any Disney Vacation Club Resort.  There are more than 500 getaway destinations worldwide.

What are Vacation Points
If you want more days, or bigger accommodations then you will need a larger real estate investment in the Disney Vacation Club because the amount of investment is correlated to the amount of points you are receiving annually. How you use your vacation points is up to you.

Again depending on the size of your real estate interest and how you use your membership, you can take one or more than one vacations a year.  The accommodations vary in size from Deluxe Studios to Grand Villas and the bigger the accommodation the more vacation points you will need.

Banking & Borrowing Points
You can bank your points if you don’t have quite enough points for a year to take a vacation.  Or…you can also borrow your points from the future year to come.

Add On as Your Family Grows
When your family grows you have the ability to buy more interest in the Disney Vacation Club.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use your Vacation Points in 2011:

  • 47 Vacation Points gets you a Deluxe Studio at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas for a 3-day weekend (Friday – Sunday) in September 2011.
  • 117 Vacation Points gets you a 1-Bedroom Villa at The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.
  • 120 Vacation Points gets you a Deluxe Studio at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa for the week of July 4, 2011.
  • 160 Vacation Points gets you a 1-Bedroom Villa along the Southern Coast of Spain for a week during high season in 2011.
  • 196 Vacation Points gets you a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas in a Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom with Disney Cruise Line for 2 adults in October 2011.

So, how many points does a membership cost to get into a 1 Bedroom Villa along the Southern Coast of Spain for a week during high season in 2011?

Cost example of a Disney Vacation Club

Remember you are purchasing an interest at a specific Disney Vacation Club Resort.  So, your interest is represented in points.

Here’s how it works:

  • You receive an annual allotment of Vacation Points.
  • These Vacation Points allow you to stay at Disney Vacation Club Resorts and over 500 other locations worldwide.
  • As a Member, you can add on to your Membership at any time to fit your needs.

Membership Example—160 Vacation Points Per Year
Costs are based on a cash purchase of a real estate interest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas:

One-Time Purchase Price:

(Financing available for qualified buyers.)

Closing Costs:

(Can be included in financing.)

Approximately $253
2011 Annual Dues:

(Dues for future years will vary.)

$802 per year or $67 per month

The Disney Vacation Club is NOT your only option:

You should definitely do your research.  There are many other vacation membership options that are much more

affordable and offer more flexibility than the Disney Vacation Club. For example:

Consider Global Resorts Network Membership.

Global Resorts Network is a fully interactive travel program which is available via the internet.  Global Resorts Network has over 5,000 quality resorts worldwide.  As a member you will have access to making your reservations and receiving confirmation right at your fingertips.  If you prefer personal contact you can speak to a customer service agent directly.

Unlike the Disney Vacation Club which has an approval process the Global Resorts Network Membership will be available to any discriminating individual who prefers to vacation at quality resorts.

Whenever you want to travel is when you can travel with the membership.  You can make your reservation and arrive at your destination within 48 hours.  You can simply book and pay all online in a matter of minutes.

The cost of Global Resorts Network Membership

There is no need to dish out almost $20,000 for this membership like you would with a Disney Vacation Club membership.  There are no points to work with.  There are no maintenance fees.  What you see is what you get all for the low price of one of the two options below:

Platinum Plan

Unlimited Access

Access to all resorts offered.  ($298-$699 per week)

(In rare exceptions may be up to $799 week in Hawaii etc.)

Unlimited vacations a year

Unlimited guest weeks, guest week section only

Fully Transferable ($75 Charge)

Price $2,995


Gold Plan 

Unlimited Access for 36 months

Access to all resorts offered.  ($398-$699 per week)

(In rare exceptions may be up to $799 week in Hawaii etc.)

Enjoy 3 weeks of vacation per year

Fully Transferable ($75 Charge)

No guest weeks

Price $1,495

Global Resorts Network also offers a Gold to Platinum Upgrade for $2000

In conclusion, there are over 40 resorts in the DisneyWorld area if you are thinking to yourself that this membership looks like a viable option but are there resorts near the gates of Disney.  So, to answer your thoughts, yes there are.  One that I think of right now that come to mind is the Sheraton Vistana.  Check it out for yourself, it’s beautiful.

In my opinion, when there are options like Global Resorts Network available I can’t imagine why someone would want to deal in points, travel time restrictions, and maintenance fees when you have a Global Resorts Membership option available.

If you find this article helpful please leave a comment and if you are interested in learning more about the Global Resorts Network Membership click here to be taken to the site.

If you are ready to purchase the Global Resorts Network Membership because you see the value in this membership over the Disney Vacation Club , Click HERE or call me, Michelle at 469.247.3526.


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