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Digi Article Blaster – Why We Love This Plug-in

Okay Michelle, so why do you love this WordPress plug-in? 

Well, first because when it comes to discovering simple push button actions that create massive results we are all in!

Yes with just a push of a button you can get over 150 backlinks for every post you make to your blog. No more manually creating backlinks on your own.  Remember the day when you had to create backlinks by commenting on other blogs, creating spun articles and submitting them to article directories and so on….  Ugh…time consuming.  We don’t know about you but we are all about saving a ton of time and Digi Article Blaster can help you do just that.

Once you install this easy to install handy plug-in on your WordPress blog you can enjoy complete automation at a push of a button after you write your blog post.

We do recommend that you spin your article first before submitting your post into the Digi Article Blaster. If you are looking for a simple and easy to use spinner, Click HERE. Once you add your newly spun article to the Digi Article Blaster it takes care of the rest, generating over 150 backlinks to a single post.

Digi Article Blaster also offers exceptional support if you are in need of help. We recently sent them an email and received a response within a few hours. Not only do they have great support there are regular updates that you get for free after you initially purchase the Digi Article Blaster at a one time low price.  Click HERE to get access now.

Bill and I like to stay ahead of our competition and once we discovered this little secret weapon we just had to share after doing some testing on our own. Bill and I have been testing the plug-in since November and we feel as of today it’s worth a GREAT review to our readers.  We never promote anything we have not tested ourselves nor do we promote things we do not currently use.

So How Does Digi Article Blaster Work?

Well, it basically works for you by creating 150 accounts and submitting your posts to those article directory accounts. You do nothing but push a button once you easily install the plug-in & set it up.

Here are the steps to setting up the plug-in:

1. You will need to create an email account that can be used just for spam.  This can be a Gmail account or you can log into your hosting account and create an email based off your domain.  The reason for creating an additional email is you will get conformation when your post have been submitted and if you are posting content once a day, you will get overloaded with 150 emails confirming your submission, plus spam.  Keep those emails in another account and save yourself some time so you aren’t wasting it sifting through all the emails.

2. You also need a captcha solving service. We recommend  Death by Captcha.  You will need to buy credits for the Digi Article Blaster  that only costs pennies to automatically solve the captchas when Digi Article Blaster creates your accounts and submits to them.

3. Next enter the email account you created and your captcha solving service login information in the settings box and click “Create Accounts”. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to create the 150 accounts. That’s it for the set up!  Easy Peasy.

4. Now you can go to any previous post or any new ones you make and submit content just by pushing the button on the right of the post.  Again, we highly recommend you spin your post before submitting.

Digi Article Blaster has 3 different price points:

$47 is for a single site license – For use on only one WordPress site.

$97 for a multi-site license – install on as many WordPress sites as you own.

$297 for a developers license – Allows you to sell blogs you have Digi Article Blaster installed on.

Our Conclusion on the Digi Article Blaster

We highly recommend Digi Article Blaster not because the sales page says it works, we recommend because Bill and I have noticed an increase in traffic after using this plug-in.  Not only have we noticed the increase in traffic we like how simple this plug-in is to use to generate over 150 backlinks to every post we make.

With Digi Article Blaster you will also find your posts will also get indexed a lot faster within the popular search engines. Which in return means more exposure to your blog, traffic, leads, and sales.

Let us know if you decide to try out Digi Article Blaster and tell us what you think.  To buy Digi Article Blaster today Click HERE.

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