Defining What Success Really Means

Defining What Success Really Means

Defining What Success Really Means…..

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to congratulate a new team member on hitting 2 Star manager at NUMIS.  Not only did he hit 2 star manager but he also hit the leader boards in a system I recommend my team join so they can jump start their business recruiting efforts using MLSP. 

So, how did he accomplish recognition so fast?  Simple….

Here is what he said:

“Thanks guys.  Not much to tell but follow the system (and the pros like Michelle & Bill) no exceptions.  Generate leads (focused effort), use Attraction Marketing, FOLLOW UP, let the system work, be consistent, persistent, genuine and patient.”

Okay…now you may be scratching your head and saying , DUH, Michelle.  But, here’s the question for you, Are you having success like my newest team member?  Are you generating upwards of 10-20 leads a day?  Are you consistently putting people into your business on a weekly basis?

If you can’t answer yes to those questions then listen up.

Let’s start by defining what success really means or shall I say looks like….

Most people honestly think they are doing the following:

  • generating leads
  • attraction marketing
  • follow up
  • let the system you are using work for you
  • be consistent
  • persistent
  • genuine
  • patient

I’m going to define to you right now what it really means to be doing the following.  Then look at your business habits and ask yourself are you really playing at the level that it’s going to take for you to be successful?

1. Generating leads – This means you are generating at least 10 leads a day.  If you are generating at least 10 leads a day you should be at a 6 figure income.  This doesn’t mean 10 leads today, 10 leads a few days later.  This means EVERY SINGLE DAY!

So, if you are NOT generating leads stop sitting around acting like they are going to pop in your mailbox magically.  Take action, and get yourself a system.  This means, you need a capture page (offering an opt-in for something FREE of value), sales page, autoresponder follow up emails, and a marketing plan for that capture page.

If these terms scare the heck out of you then get yourself the exact system we use to generate upwards of 50 leads a day, My Lead System Pro.   Trust me the system is well worth it, in the past I tried to create the above and realized it wasn’t worth the headache, confusion, frustration nor time when MLSP provides all these tools for you.


2. Attraction Marketing – Most people think they are practicing attraction marketing but most are living in la la land if they think spamming their twitter account and Facebook wall with links is attraction marketing.  Attraction Marketing is simply providing value to your following with the expectation of NOTHING in return. You are truly a leader because you act like a leader and your actions clearly back up the fact that you are a leader.  This means step out of the student’s shoes and start leading with value, which is YOU the product.

3. Follow up – Oh boy….follow up means just what it says….FOLLOW UP.  I see so many people finally get to the point where they are generating leads and what happens?  They sit on them and NEVER call them or they wait over 48 hours to call them.  NO NO NO!!  Why? First off, don’t think for one second that the lead ONLY opt-ed in to your page.  I can assure you they opted-in in the several pages.  Think about when you are on the hunt for answers, do you really just stop at one page you happened to search on Google?  I think not, you research and that’s exactly what your prospect is doing.  I can assure you if they also opted in to my page I will call them and close them before you do.  Don’t let that happen.  As soon as you generate your lead call them immediately.  Don’t delay or you will lose them to someone else.  Remember you peaked their interest, now CALL THEM! Also follow up is not just sending an email to your prospect, that’s not follow up, that’s being a chicken.  Get on the PHONE, make contact with your prospect and don’t get excited because you got a voice  mail instead of a live voice (again dont’ be chicken).

4. Let the system you are using work for you – My team member is using MLSP as their system to build our NUMIS business. What he meant by this, trust in the system.  Don’t fight the system, don’t try to recreate the system, trust in the system and let what works work for you too. Simple as that….

5. Be consistent – Oh boy, so many people I know miss the boat on this one for many reasons.  Let’s just say they don’t get what it truly means to be consistent.  Being consistent means setting out a game plan and sticking to it, no matter what.  I don’t care if you just got hit by a Hurricane and you don’t have any power to access the internet or telephone.  Get creative, cramp your style and figure out how to make it happen. Make sense? You have to be consistent and that means doing something every single day without fail, no excuses allowed.  If you can’t grasp this you won’t have success.  You must be consistent and not for 30 days we are talking consistent for however long it takes for you to reach your goal and quitting is NOT an option.

6. Persistent – Oh I love this one!  Let me give you a good example. So, when I created my Facebook Fan page, over a year ago I was not married so I named my page Michelle Alpha.  Well just last October I got married and quite frankly by lovely husband hated my old last name and sadly I couldn’t change it.  Facebook has it’s rules and they were not to be broken and not to mention have you ever tried to reach anyone over there?  Let’s just put it this way….they don’t respond.  Well, I went on a 1 week crusade and found every avenue I could to get through to Facebook which resulted in about 10-15 emails to different places on Facebook and after 1 week of being persistent with a NEVER give up attitude, I received an email from Facebook congratulating me on my new Facebook Fan Page name.  Now most people would tell you there would be no way in “hell” that I could have accomplished this but I did because I was persistent and refused to take NO for an answer.  This just one example of what it means to be persistent.  Push push push and do NOT except NO for an answer.

7. Genuine – This one is pretty easy but I can’t tell you how many times I see people think they are being genuine but written all over their face is NOT GENUINE.  Don’t be fake, if you can’t be genuine about something then don’t attempt it.  People like myself are very good at reading people and trust me I can’t be the only person out there with this magically ability to read faces.  Be genuine in everything you do and you will be so surprised at what will come your way.  Expect nothing in return and you will receive far more than expected.

8. Patience – Huge! You have to be patient in this industry.  If you are impatient you will kill your efforts quickly.  Don’t set out a deadline and say, “I have to hit 10K a month by March.”  Don’t get me wrong, I am all about setting awesome goals and deadlines but if you can’t handle possibly failing then don’t do it.  What happens is you clearly might not hit your goal and then you quit because you are frustrated.  Patience is key my friend, know that you will hit obstacles, you will land on your butt, you will fall on your face, you will get overwhelmed, it’s how you handle these incidences that predict your outcome.  If you just go back to your “WHY” and remember that is what you are working towards with a no QUIT option then you should come to realize it doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to get there.  It’s getting there that is important no matter how long it takes.  Be patient.

I hope this post on defining what success really means or looks like helps some of you recognize what it really means to be all of these 8 things I have laid out for you.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, please leave me a comment below.  Here’s to your success!

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