Daegan Smith – Recruit Like Crazy

Who is Daegan Smith?

Call me crazy, tell me I’ve been hiding under a rock but not until last weekend did I know who Daegan Smith was.  I was visiting my mentor Mark Hoverson in Phoneix Arizona and met a lovely young gentlemen by the name of Jay Roberts.  He was on Daegan Smith‘s Global Resorts Network (co-owned by my mentor Mark Hoverson) team.  I inquired more about Deagan Smith and quickly came to the realization that this guy is a recruiting master.  I hear he is called the King of Never Calling a Lead!

Since, I am constantly looking for good quality information to increase my knowledge of the internet marketing world, I decided to check him out.  Well, I ran across this new program he just happens to  be promoting right now and was stunned at the price.  I mean even Adam Holland, if you know who he is (7 figure earner), is in his inner circle membership group.

The reason why I was shocked was because I figured that whatever Daegan Smith was selling was going to cost me a fortune for that information.  Well, to my surprise it was insanely cheap!  I immediately wiped my eyes and re read the sales page and sure enough, $27 bucks! I bought it, of course.  I did a few upsales too and am stoked by all the content.

Below you will see what you get for his $27 package:

Here’s the deal I love throwing in bonuses when I buy a course and others buy from me.  (Expires June 30, 2011. So, if you buy from me (Click HERE) send me an email to michelle@onlinewealthv2.wpengine.com and let me know you bought it.  I will check my ledger and if I find you in there I will give you my Facebook Marketing Overload course for FREE!

This course will take you from the beginning of Facebook marketing for free to paid marketing in Facebook.  Not only that you will learn how to craft a killer fan page with landing tabs.  I will also include you in my Facebook Marketing Overload mastermind group in Facebook, which is private, that way you can build up fans quickly.

Then we can work together on Daegan Smith’s course and mastermind our thoughts and strategies on how to take over this internet world :D.  J/K

Here is what I dug up on Deagan Smith:

Hi, I’m Daegan Smith.

I’m 26 years old. I left college a few years ago and took a sales rep job for a pharmaceutical company. After about six months of the 9-to-5 lifestyle, I knew I wanted more from life.

I dabbled in real estate and a few random business opportunities, but my heart wasn’t in it. I learned about network marketing, and was I gave it my best, but after months of sorting through several hundred leads, dealing with cold-calling nightmares…and spending $7,000 of my own money…I decided enough was enough. Something needed to change immediately, or I was done.

I thought about all that I’d learned that far. I gathered all the nuggets of good ideas I’d collected here and there from several workshops and coaching sessions I’d attended, as well as things I’d learned while running my own business. I combined them all and developed my own system.

Within months, I had 4,000 people in my downline, and over $220,000 in my bank account. No joke.

Clearly, my system works…VERY well.

It works so well, that I now have a new business on my hands: teaching people how I did it.

Here’s the first thing all internet marketers need to know: In this new age of the internet, rejection and paying for leads is a home-business crime. Of this, I’m certain.

Imagine hundreds of leads finding you every day, without any effort on your part? Now, imagine them automatically depositing money into your account without any effort on your part.

How much better would you sleep at night if that actually happened?

It CAN happen, and I know how to do it. I’m dead serious. It worked for me, so I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can work for anyone.

I’ve created a CD to show you the wisest, most efficient way to build an online empire. With this information, you’re guaranteed to immediately recruit 836% more people than you are right now with less than one-tenth the effort.

836%…how do ya’ like that number?

No, it’s not a typo. It’s what you can expect to see after you utilize what you’ve learned from me.

The information is presented step-by-step in a straightforward manner. No B.S., people. I’m not about that. I’m about helping people ditch the 9-to-5 rat-race and accomplish great things on their own. As soon as you press play on your CD player, you’ll be on your way to accomplishing great things. You’ll be able to take action immediately, and start generating some serious revenue.

Unless you’re already rolling in dough and don’t need any more money, you would be very wise to check out my free CD. You have nothing to lose, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain.

To your guaranteed success,

Daegan Smith

Daegan Smith – Recruit Like Crazy – What do you get?

  • The Front End Profits “Loophole” System
  • The Front End Profits “Loophole” System

    “How To Create Instant Front End Cash And Recruiting On Command Without Wasting Time Creating A Product Or Promoting Other Peoples Stuff” – 1 hour and 28 minute audio training

  • The 3X Your Checks System

    The 3X Your Checks System

    “You Can Quickly And Easily Discover A Simple, Step By Step, Little Know Multiple Income Stream Creation System And Triple Your Checks Instantly” – 1 hour and 23 minute audio training

  • The Perpetual Free Lead System 2.0

    The Perpetual Free Lead System 2.0

    “The Lazy Man’s Dirty Secret To Automated Free Leads For The Rest Of Your Life” – 1 hour and 40 minute audio training ($97 Value)

  • How To Become An Irresistible Sponsor

    How To Become An Irresistible Sponsor

    “The Little Known Six Scientifically Proven Factors That Turn The Tables From Being The Hunter To Being The Hunted Forever” – 1 hour and 34 minute audio training

  • Recruit Like Crazy Blueprint

    Recruit Like Crazy Blueprint

    “The Behind The Scenes True Story Of How One Newbie Started From Scratch To Grow A Team Of3,637 People In Just 15 Months” – 56 minute live seminar recordinf training

  • The Online Recruiting Magic Website

    The Online Recruiting Magic Website

    “The Idiot Proof Formula To Having Your Own Lead And Recruit Getting Website In Less Than The Time It Takes To Watch A Movie Without Knowing Anything About Computers” – 2 hours and 4 minute video training.


    Don’t forget if you buy through my link by clicking HERE, send me an email at michelle@onlinewealthv2.wpengine.com and tell me that you bought the Daegan Smith course to get your FREE Facebook Marketing Overload Course. Expires June 30,2011.


    Cheers to Daegan Smith for putting out this amazing blueprint to Recruit like Crazy.

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