David Wood

David Wood

Yep David Wood Sucks!

Okay okay….Only because I know David Wood will read this….He doesn’t suck. There I said it, but only because I think you should read on.

Stick with me…..

So Why Do I Think David Wood Sucks?

Let’s go back to the MLSP webinar that was held last night for only the ticket holders of the Live the Dream Event hosted by MLSP coming up in Orlando, Fl.

David Wood in the first 5 minutes of this special webinar took us inside of his accomplishments.  Well, it might have seemed like he was bragging, but rightfully so, he has earned every single penny of his success. Honestly he is a genuine straight forward guy, who was just simply showing what could be accomplished in this industry.   Yep, even if you are a guy who lives in a van!

David Wood took us on a 15 min journey, showing social proof.  Here are a few pointers that had my jaw dropping to the ground:

  • Over 1K people personally sponsored in MLSP
  • In the lead for the most Live the Dream II ticket sales out of all participating affiliates in fact blowing us away
  • Sponsors 5-10 MLSP new members on a daily basis on complete automation without ever picking up the phone
  • Aww…realization that he really shouldn’t keep 30K in his paypal account
  • But…continued on to show us that after one simple email he make over 2K in commission in 1 hour
  • Proceeded to show us 8K in income in a month made from MLSP alone
  • Not to mention he showed social proof that he gets over 4K in visitors to his blog
  • Over 250 leads genearted every day for FREE
  • He has been making MLSP Live the Dream Ticket Sales every day from when the doors opened
  • #1 on the leader boards in MLSP
  • Has his own product that make him ridiculous money on complete automation
  • Shall I go on…..??
Nah, my jaw was on the floor as he went through this 15 min social proof demonstration and laughed about how crazy easy it was to get these kind of results.
I sat there with my jaw on the ground thinking….

Damn David Wood sucks!

He just made that look too dang easy.  So, after picking my jaw up off the ground after witnessing what is to come, I skyped my good friend Brian Fanale in the middle of this webinar he was hosting.  I told him, “Dang….I need to step it up! There’s no way I can beat him in this MLSP sign up contest or this MLSP ticket sales contest!”  WTH????  I actually thought I was in the running for the most MLSP sign ups until David Wood pranced around on screen for us.
Brian totally chuckled with a “LOL” and said sure you can still win….”Get to work!”
Awww….how that resinated with me.  Get to work!  Make it happen! That’s nothing, Michelle, make it happen.
The truth is…..David Wood does not suck!  He is an inspiration to me.  He is where I plan to be.  My little 6 figure income that I thought was something is nothing compared to what I now know I can achieve.
My initial response  guys and gals, is to playfully say he sucks, just because I know David Wood and it just make sense to say that.  Seriously, if I said that to his face, he would laugh at me.  He would probably say, “Yeah….it’s crazy and I love it!”
This man is on complete automation and has a wicked amount of people who follow him. I am inspired and motivated to bust my rear to catch up to him.  David Wood is probably one the most intriguing, smartest, analytical, so out there, I wear my boxer shorts everywhere, down to earth kind of guy I have ever met.  Even if he missed the boat in Austin for Mark Hoverson’s event…..he is still kind of cool.
So, with that said for all of you that got fired up for me saying David Wood sucks, just know…… I do personally know David Wood and I was actually  kicked out of a bar with him in Austin. So, it’s all good and I am safe to say, David Wood sucks, in an inspirational, light the fire under my butt kind of way!


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