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This post is written by my good friend & mentor Daegan Smith

this DUMB mistake cost me $2,683 … 
(Part 2 of 7)

Yesterday I shared my story with you, about how …

Using simple online newsletter advertising I was able to quit my job back in 2005 and today using the EXACT same strategies I'm able to drive 2000+ leads in less than 24 hours on call.

Just imagine by this time next week having a 2000+ lead day … How would that change your business?

For me, it's changed my life …

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I also shared with you yesterday what makes newsletter marketing so powerful.

It's all about "responsiveness", and online …

You won't find a most responsive lead than you will with newsletter advertising because of how it's set up.

People looking to solve their problems or follow their passions sign up for topic specific newsletters to gain more information by email on that specific topic and when you …

Place an ad in a newsletter like that you're going to end up driving a LOT of highly responsive traffic your way.

Then it REALLY get's exciting when you have 5 or 10 different newsletter ads like that set up on autopilot to go out for you on a monthly basis.

Yesterday I promised, and I'd share with you the BIGGEST Mistake most new newsletter marketers make when they get started, so let's dig into it.

MISTAKE #1: "Quality Control"

Make no mistake, this ONE singular mistake is the BIGGEST mistake most new newsletter marketers make.

It costs them a LOT of money, and I've even made this exact mistake to the tune of $2,683 on a single ad.

Imagine, making one slight mistake and having it cost you $2,683.

It sucks, so my goal in today's lesson is to make sure you NEVER make this mistake in your newsletter marketing efforts.

I call this mistake "Quality Control" because the truth is, most new newsletter marketers simple choose the WRONG newsletters to place their ads in in the first place.

You get this wrong and you've got little to no chance of creating that 2000+ lead day yourself.

When I made this mistake I paid $2,683 for a newsletter that was SUPPOSED to go out to 200,000+ subscribers.

I got all the other steps right (I'll go through those in nest few lessons), but because I got this one step wrong …

On the day this ad went out I generate all of 2 unique visitors. Me, and the guy that stole my money.

A fun day:)

The mistake I made wasn't exactly the same mistake most new newsletter marketers make but I made it based on the same root cause.

Most new marketer will judge a newsletters responsiveness based on one
of two criteria.

– How cheap it is

– What testimonials they see on the
"Advertise With Us" page

Both mistakes are totally understandable. I mean …

If you're just getting started you're probably looking for bargains, and you're basing those bargains on price, or …

You're they're looking for some form of positive reinforcement before they spend money, and when they see a bunch of people praising a newsletter they feel more confident about their choice.

Makes sense right?

But …

Here's the REAL deal …

Neither price nor what other people say about how great any newsletter is will dictate the success of your ad.

Price I think you get. You get what you pay for, but testimonials …

Those testimonials could be 12 years old for all you know. Basing whether or not you should place an ad on something another person potentially said 12 years ago isn't going guarantee you see the
same results now.

You don't know what's happened over the last 12 years. Maybe the newsletter publisher was growing his list like crazy back then, but today he hasn't put a new lead on that list in years, but he's still charging the same price.

And …

I don't care how good of a marketer you are, no marketing magic is going to pull a response from 12 year old leads.

My point is, if you place an ad with the cheapest newsletter you can find or the one with the most testimonials can very well be the fast path to wasting money.

MANY … MANY … new marketers make this mistake. Don't let it be you.

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I had to learn my lesson the hard way. It cost me a LOT, that's why today …

Before I ever place a new newsletter ad I ALWAYS put each and every potential newsletter I'm thinking about placing ad in through a rigorous 6 step quality control process before I ever think about spending a single dime.

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Never place a newsletter ad without putting that potential newsletter through a rigorous "Quality Control" process.

You do that and you're well on your way to your first 2000+ lead day, but that's just first hurdle.


Tomorrow I'm going to share with you the second biggest mistake Daegan Smith says most newsletter marketers make, this mistake is just crucial, it's the difference between your newsletter ad getting seen and you getting a TON of clicks or NOT.

If you want make sure you get maximum clicks, tune it tomorrow because I'll be sharing with you how drive over 3,127 clicks from a single newsletter ad by NOT making mistake #2, but for now …

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Did you know Daegan Smith is the "King of Never Calling a Lead"?

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