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This post was written by my good friend / mentor Daegan Smith

Maximum Traffic In Minimum Time  (Part 4 of 7)

In today's lesson, I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to drive maximum traffic in minimum time with newsletter marketing.

I mean like getting 9,421+ people to click your link in your ads from a single newsletter. Don't believe me?

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And …

If that's not enticing enough, consider this lesson worth at least $997 because that's exactly how much it cost me learn what I'm about to share with you right now.

I'll tell you the story behind this $997lesson in just a few, but first let me bring you up to speed on newsletter marketing.

In today's hectic internet world where "what works" seems to change almost

Where, there's always something "new" THEY tell you – you MUST know in order to grow a thriving business …

I've found newsletter marketing to be the THE most robust traffic generation method I've ever used.

What worked way back in 2005 when I just first started testing newsletter ads works EXACTLY the same today, and …

Where back in 2005 I was able to ride the success of my newsletter advertising campaigns to get out of my job and eventually create a million dollar plus per year business, today …

Every first tuesday of the month I generate somewhere between 1,645 leads and 2144 leads per in less than 24 hours, and …

That's just one newsletter ad I have going out.

Imagine having just one day like that per month.

Now that day is the BIGGEST lead swoon day I have from newsletter marketing each month, but the true power behind the engine is that I have many other days of the month where I have 100+ – 800+ lead swoons all from good old newsletters.

What if you had just 5 newsletters like that driving traffic for you in your business?

I know for a fact you'd be driving more traffic than 99% of most marketers online, and you can have it all set up to go out for you by this time next week using newsletters to drive the most ultra responsive traffic that you can find online on autopilot.

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The first two mistakes we discussed:

– #1: "Quality Control"

Making sure you choose the RIGHT newsletter makes or breaks the success of your entire campaign.

Never choose the newsletter with the most praise or the cheapest one you can find.

Those are the two sure fire ways to waste money in your marketing efforts.

Instead, put all newsletters you could potentially place ads with through a rigorous quality control process.

Mine is 6 steps, and I never place an ad without putting the newsletter through this process.

– #2: "Ad Placement Control"

Where you choose to place your ad in a newsletter makes a WORLD of difference.

Most marketers choose to place the cheapest ad that they can, but the truth is the cheapest newsletter ad is NEVER the most cost effective.

After $200,000 spent and hundreds of newsletters tested over the years the ONLY type of ad that you should ever test with is a "Solo Ad"

And there are two reason why …

1. With a solo ad your ad goes out to the entire subscriber base without any other competition noise. It's the only thing the entire subscriber base sees for that entire mailing.

2. You control the subject line of the email. The subject line is what dictates whether or not that email gets opened, and something you should never lead to chance.

You place a solo ad and you ensure the maximum number of people open and see your email ad, and that brings us to today's mistake …

Mistake #3: "Traffic Control"

The add that you create determines how much traffic you're going to get once that email is opened.

Most new marketers make the mistake of creating and submitting the wrong type of an ad with a newsletter.

And this mistake cost them a ton of traffic.

Before I learned what I'm about to share with you I used to pay copywriters $500 to $750 just to create a single ad for me, and those ads didn't even get me as much traffic as what I'm about to share with you.

Why is driving maximum traffic from your newsletter ads important?

It's simple …

Newsletter marketing is what's called "fixed cost" marketing, and what that means is simply that when you place a newsletter ad you pay a fixed amount and no matter what happens with that ad your money has been spent.

Well, in direct marketing whenever you're placing fixed cost ads your ONLY objective is to drive maximum results, so to win with newsletter marketing everything counts.

That's why I'm sharing all this information with you …

To make sure you avoid all the of the costly mistakes that most make. As long as you avoid them, newsletter marketing can be your ticket to a stable, thriving, and profitable online business.

So with newsletter marketing, which is as I just explained "fixed cost" advertising, your objective with your ad is to drive MAXIMUM traffic, and well there's only one way to do that.

Now, it's time for my $997 story …

Like I said, I would pay copywriters $500+ to write ad copy for me, that was until I happened to to find my way to a marketing seminar in Atlanta GA.

The ticket price of that seminar was $997 (cheap by today's standards), at that seminar I learned the following rule that has served me well ever since.

In newsletter marketing, short punchy ads are the ONLY way to go.

I went home from that seminar and decided to test the "advice" I was given at that seminar instead of having someone else write an ad for me.

I create one for myself, for the very first time, and …

It literally took me less than 4 minutes to write my own ad.

That little "short punchy" ad got more than twice the traffic as any ad I had EVER had any copywriter produce for me.

I learned my lesson fast,and so should you. Don't make the mistake that many do by trying to tell your whole life story in your newsletter ads.

Save that for after they opt into your mailing list.

Keep your ads short and punchy and you'll be driving maximum traffic in minimum time with your solo ads just like the pros do.

Want to now how create ads that get a LOT of traffic in 4 minutes or less?

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Stay tuned, because tomorrow I'm going to be sharing with the next detrimental mistake marketers make in their newsletter marketing efforts.

Imagine getting a swoon of traffic to your website, but only a trickle of leads …

Make mistake #4 and that's exactly what's going to happen to you.

Tomorrow Daegan Smith is going to show you how to convert up to 66.55% of your newsletter
traffic into leads, be there.

Did you know Daegan Smith is "The King Of Never Calling a Lead"?

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