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This post is written by my mentor and good friend Daegan Smith

How To Get 3,127+ Clicks With  One  … (Part 3 of 7)

Driving traffic with newsletter marketing is more than fun. It's exhilarating, just imagine …

Sending out one small ad and having over 3,127 people click the link in your ad and over 50% of them joining your list.

That's over 1,500 leads in a single day.

And you better believe …

Along with those leads is coming a TIDAL WAVE of sales or recruits.

I've made over $11,000 from a single newsletter ad, and my record for recruiting with one simple newsletter ad is 71 people in less than 24 hours

And the thing is …

Anyone can create results like mine.

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Anyone can drive droves of traffic with newsletter marketing done properly.

I remember pulling a couple of my students aside and sharing just a fraction of what I'm sharing with you in these lessons and they more than doubled their business from a few thousand a month in revenue to over $13,000, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

You already know that the magic behind newsletter marketing is the fact that you can't find a more responsive lead anywhere online flat out because …

People that join newsletters because they are either searching for a solution to a problem they're having or because they're incredibly passionate about that particular subject and then happily look forward to more emails on that subject daily and then …

You place an ad in that newsletter, they see it, and click over to your website you've just created the perfect storm of responsiveness.

Even more …

When you have 5 or 10 newsletters like this sending you traffic on autopilot monthly you're building your business with a LOT of leverage.

You're building smart, and on a foundation that hasn't changed in the last 7 years I've been using this marketing method myself.

No Google Slaps, no account suspensions or new things to learn, just a strategy that works like clockwork.

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Yesterday, I shared the first and BIGGEST mistake that new newsletter marketers can make out of the gate.

Choose the wrong newsletter and your chance of leads and profits go down the drain.

I shared my 6 step quality control process for ensuring you ALWAYS choose profitable and ultra responsive newsletter to place you ads in …

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And I promised that today I would share the next mistake that stop marketers from getting their just returns with newsletter marketing, let's get on with it …

Mistake #2: "Ad Placement Control"

Second only to choosing the wrong newsletter to place your first ad in, and almost as detrimental is making the mistake of placing the WRONG type of ad in a newsletter.

I've tested over 521 individual newsletters in the home business and internet marketing space spending well over $200,000+ of my own hard earned money, and I've tested just about every "Type" of newsletter ad you can place, and I can say without hesitation that…

Not all ads are created equal.

You take the exact same newsletter and you choose ad type A and compare it to ad type B and ad A can drive well over 10X the traffic of ad B.

Yeah it matters that much "where" in a newsletter you place an ad.

A real world example ….

I place a $200 ad in a newsletter and at the same time chose a different location and chose a cheaper $40 ad.

– Ad A got me 454 clicks – Ad B got 17 clicks

Ad A was more expensive overall, but per click I paid I pad $0.44 per click, and for ad B I paid $2.35 per click.

Which ad cost more?

Ad A cost me about 5X less per click than ad B did.

I've ran this exact test MANY times in MANY different newsletters and it's always the same.

Which would you choose – Ad A or Ad B?

Me … 

I always choose Ad A.

The mistake that most new newsletter marketers make is they typically go for the cheapest ad they can in a newsletter and never realize that although it might "cost" less, it's not cost effective.

And this is a HUGE hinderance to the success of would be newsletter marketers, so …

You're probably wondering …

"Daegan Smith, what type of ad should I place in a newsletter?"

Good question!

Bluntly … ALWAYS go for the "SOLO AD".

Pound for pound "Solo Ads" are THE most cost effective ad you can ever buy in any publication.

What a solo ad is, it's an ad that goes out to a publication alone, without any other competing noise, so …

It doesn't matter if the newsletter has 1000 or 1 Million people on it, when you place a "solo ad" it's the only thing every single subscriber on that newsletter ever sees.

But that's not the only reason that you should ALWAY test with solo ads, it's because there's one HUGE difference between a solo ad and any other type of ad that you could ever place in a newsletter that gives you an unfair advantage over the chumps that don't know what I'm telling you.

With "Solo Ads" you control the most important space in the entire newsletter.

With "Solo Ads" you control the subject line of the email, and it's the subject line that determines whether or not …

The newsletter ever gets opened.

Think about it …

There are some newsletters you open and some you don't.

Why do you open the ones that you do?

It's because there was something in the subject line that caught your eye.

Imagine placing an ad in a newsletter and the newsletter publish chooses the subject line and that subject is something horrible like …

"Newsletter #125"

No one's opening that.

If you're ever going to spend a dime on a newsletter ad, take it from your friend Daegan, control the subject line and you win.

So, what's the rule of the day?

ONLY place solo ads.

If you can remember that it will serve
you extremely well over the years.

Tomorrow's mistake is ALL about traffic and the ad you craft.

Believe it or not, you can place a solo ad, but if you place the wrong type of a solo ad, again you're gonna kill your traffic (Daegan Smith…. well he has done it) …

Tomorrow we'll get into mistake #3: "Traffic Control", if you want a LOT of traffic, be sure to tune it, and …


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