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Daegan Smith "The King of Never Calling a Lead"


"How To Get 1,645 To 2,144 Leads In  24 Hours Or Less" (Part 1 of 7)

by my good friend, Daegan Smith

If you've been struggling to generate leads to either build your own list, grow an organization in a home business opportunity that you're passionate about, or just earn some quick and hefty affiliate commissions, then …

This will be one of the most important and timely emails you ever read.

See, way back in 2005 I discovered a simple, but highly effective lead generation strategy, that way back then allowed me to quit my job and work for myself, and if we …

Fast forward to today, that same exact strategy allows me to drive over 2,000 ultra responsive leads per day passive anytime I want.

Over the years, this one strategy has solely allowed me to drive over 200,000 leads and earn well of $1,000,000, and …

The best thing about it is, UNLIKE many other traffic generation strategies, this particular strategy works just as well today as it did over 7 years ago.

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Here's how I first discovered this life changing and business saving strategy …

Way back in 2005 I had just gotten involved in my first home based business opportunity.

I had high hopes, but I also had a HUGE problem.

I didn't have a list, and I had less than $500 to get my business off the ground.

I knew that if I was going to make any money, and possibly achieve my long time goal of finally quitting my job as a
bike courier I was going to have to find a way to drive quality traffic and generate high quality buying leads to my
new business, but how?

I mentally went through what I knew "could" work at that point, things like:

– Pay per click marketing (But I thought it was too risky and expensive)

– Article marketing (Free, that's great, but way too slow)

– Search engine optimization (Again, free, but again too slow)

– Newsletter Advertising (Hmm …)

Newsletter advertising seemed like an ideal choice.

It's simple – you place an ad, it goes out to the newsletter of your choice, and your reap the rewards.

And …

It was within my budget – there were several list I found under the $100 range that I could test.

I figured, why not?

I still remember to this day, that very first ad I paid $30 for.

I placed the ad one night, then woke up the next morning and went to work totally forgetting about it, but then

When I returned home that evening, my JAW DROPPED!

While I was away at work, I had not only generated over 100 leads, but I had recruited 12 people sight unseen into my little home business.

A rush of joy ran through me. I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe … Just maybe …

I had a chance of actually fulfilling my dream of working for myself in my online home business.

What did I do next? Call me stupid, but

I figured, if it worked once, why not just do it again, and …

That's just what I did, as well as …

Teaching each and every new team member I found how to do EXACTLY what I was doing.

It wasn't long, maybe 6 months or so before that first few turned into thousands.

It wasn't long after that I quit my job.

That was back in 2005, and I haven't had to work for anyone else since, and it
was all do to the power of …

Newsletter marketing.

In fact, to this very day, if I'm doing anything, building my list to sell my own information products, promoting a promising affiliate product, or building a home business opportunity I ALWAYS start with Newsletter Advertising, and I really think you should to.

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You might be wondering …

Why is newsletter marketing so effective?

It's because, there's simply no more responsive lead that you can generate online than a lead you get through newsletter marketing. Here's why …

People throw around that word "responsiveness" or "super hot leads" but what does it really mean?

Responsiveness is a quality that exists INSIDE the minds of your best prospects, and …

The best prospects are the people that proactively seek solutions to their toughest problems or proactively seek continual new information on subjects in which they are passionate about.

And so, a person who goes out, finds a newsletter on a subject that they enjoy or that they believe will help them solve a problem they are currently facing and then looks forward to
receiving more information on that subject by email either daily or weekly, is a prospect that TRULY is "responsive"

Now …

Marry that with, you placing an ad in that newsletter, your prospect opening that email, seeing your ad, clicking your link, and then deciding to opt into your website for more information from you, and you've just created a super "responsive" lead,

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But … Don't forget …

When you use newsletter advertising you're not just sending an email to one person, you're sending our a message to 1000s, 10,000s, 100,000s, or even 1,000,000s, and when you do that …

You end up generating 100s to 1000s of ultra responsive leads in one fell swoop and a LOT of money with them without even having to be there.

You control the entire process, no Google or Yahoo or Facebook, sets the rules, you do … And …

Once you've found one list, then put in on autopilot, you simple repeat the process over and over again until you've got 10 or maybe even 20 lead swoons per month.

That's how I've done it. That's how I've built my own monster list, and the truth is … There's no reason you can't too.

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Now, you might be thinking "If this newsletter advertising thing is powerful, then why isn't everyone doing it?"

That's a great questions.

The answer is simple …

Newsletter marketing is simple, it does drive monster amounts of traffic when down properly, and it's about the most stably way to build your business into the future I've experienced first hand, but …

Most people make one of 5 major mistakes when they "try" newsletter marketing, and if you don't avoid these mistakes it can be detrimental to your newsletter
marketing efforts.

Over the next few days I'll be walking you through how NOT to make those mistakes so that you to can use the power of online newsletter advertising to set new profit records in your own business.



Look out for Daegan Smith episode 2  tomorrow, where he will discuss the first mistake "Quality Control", it's the biggest mistake most new newsletter advertisers make, in fact I've personally made this mistake to the tune of $2,683 on one "bad" decision, but … 

If you follow Deagan Smith and his instructions you'll  increase your chance of creating a winning and profitable newsletter campaign on your first try by over 90%.

It's THE most important lesson, you don't want to miss it, but for now …

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Stay tuned for more Episodes from Daegan Smith…

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