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Good News! Cash Control For Networkers Is Now “Reopened.”

But Only for 150 Fast Action Takers.

This morning Andrew Cash opened up 150 more seats and now we are 1/2 way there.  Half of those seats for the upcoming Cash Control For Networkers are gone.  Once they are gone Andrew shuts it down.  What I do know for sure is on Tuesday at noon EST Andrew is shutting it down forever even if all the 150 seats are not taken, but I can tell you this I highly doubt they will go unsold.

Click HERE to grab your seat.

This specialized training begins Tuesday night and Bill and I will be there with you.  Not only will you get 6 weeks of training, you will also have access to our private mastermind Cash Control For Networkers Facebook group.  But, you can only get in that group if you purchase from our link below.

Click HERE

Originally Andrew Cass closed down the cart on Saturday but was able to pull some strings and get 150 more seats.  Which quite frankly I am happy about because a lot of people were not happy that they missed out on having the opportunity to get trained by:

  • Mark Hoverson
  • Ann Sieg
  • Ferny Ceballos
  • Raymond Fong
  • Aaron Rashkin
  • Tim Sales
  • Andrew Cass
  • and much more….

Don’t get left out this time like many others did on Saturday when they heard the news that the Cash Control For Networkers mentoring program was shut down.

Bill and I want to see you there, plus we would love to get to know you better.

The program starts Tuesday the 24th and you will also have the opportunity to attend the “live” Cash Control For Networkers event coming up in March.

To get all the details on what exactly this program is going to cover from the Dream Team that Andrew Cass has put together click on the link below and we will see you on the inside.

Cash Control For Networkers


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