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The Cash Control For Networkers Program Overview


This will be a LIVE 6-week webinar-based “sales” coaching program / mastermind group event.  The event will be broken up into 3 categories that Andrew Cass has coined the “Three Pillars” of ALL solid, lucrative Network Advertising and marketing enterprises:

  • Productivity
  • Profits
  • Power

And these are the ones most often missing from those who struggle the most in our industry. The majority of people are  extremely unproductive, which means they are generating little, if any, profits in their business, which, in turn means they essentially have no power (or influence) in the marketplace.

The Cash Control For Networkers is About to Fix This…

Here’s a quick, general snap shot of the cash control for networkers.  Actual modules by each of the CASH CONTROL Trainers will be released shortly and will be announced soon…

The Cash Control For Networkers Productivity:

Week 1 – On the heels of Andrew Cass’ best-selling training plan, “Productivity Triggers For Today’s High-Performance Network Marketer”, the focus in this session, led by Andrew Cass, is on time management, mastering distraction, dealing with overwhelm and laying a rock solid foundation and an environment for success in the New Year. Most are VERY scattered today and more overwhelmed than ever.

In this first CASH CONTROL module, Andrew will be working with the members on nailing down their “personal productivity plan” for the New Year so they can actually consume the training info to implement and execute in 2012 to achieve their goals. Most aren’t doing either, ever, which is why the Cash Control for Networkers will start here in the very first week.

The Cash Control For Networkers – Profits:

Weeks 2 to 4 – The course moves from getting you less scattered and not feeling as overwhelmed, after Week 1, into a place of confidence so you are ready to receive the MOST important training of all – how to connect with prospects through smart, compelling direct response advertising methods and “sales systems”, so you can then SELL more with less resistance.

At the end of the day, The Cash Control For Networkers is a hard-core, much-needed “sales training” plan. These three modules are all about increasing cash flow, FAST, through strategic marketing and advertising and influential selling strategies. The majority of time will be spent in these middle three week sessions. After all, this is the “Direct Sales” industry, yet most aren’t selling much of anything… We’ll tackle this issue hard in Weeks 2, 3 and 4. There will be 3 CASH CONTROL Trainers in here in each of the 3 weeks presenting, along with Andrew, their very best direct marketing and advertising and direct sales tactics. More specifics coming soon…

The Cash Control For Networker – Power:

Weeks 5 and 6 – Now that you’ve established a solid productivity plan and working environment in Week 1 and drilled in some very powerful direct advertising and sales techniques and systems in Weeks 2, 3 and 4, you will now be “ready” to step up your game considerably and move into a place of power and influence in the marketplace. This is the leadership component of the Cash Control For Networkers. At this point, going into the final two weeks, they’ll have the members in a place where they are working smarter and making more sales and are now ready to lead others, or at least “feel like” they can lead others.

Then comes the Live ‘CASH Manage Implementation Boot Camp’ in sunny Miami, FL in March shortly after the 6-week training is completed. We ALL know that live events are a critical piece of the puzzle for most. But what most have found, is that live events bundled with a training plan as a “follow up” (and follow through) create MAJOR results for people. Most miss this and leave people to fend for themselves with “at home study programs.” 90% of them sit on the shelf because no Live mentoring accompanies them. The Cash Control For Networkers are not letting that happen.

Basically, The Cash Control For Networkers program wants to show the customers how to: 1) master distraction and get focused. This is top of mind going into a New Year; 2) become TRUE “Sales Pros” in 2012 through the training (there’s so few of them nowadays, they’re becoming extinct); and 3) become influential leaders in their business and with their respective companies.

The big “problem” in Network Marketing and advertising right now, and the focus of ALL recent item launches, has been on “getting leads” only. This is flawed because almost NO ONE can persuade or close the leads they get. Period. It’s like throwing good money after bad… It’s a huge problem and it set’s up a unique, timely opportunity here to close the gap with the Cash Control For Networkers product.

This expertise will be so powerful and life changing, there will be a “double guarantee” – one, will be the standard 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. The second, will be a 365-day “double your 2012 income” or your money-back guarantee. Due to our training, if they don’t at least double their Network Advertising and marketing income in 2012 over what they made in 2011, they can send in both year’s certified income statements proving such, and claim a full refund of the $297 (not the live event cost).

But Wait, There’s Even More…

After all is said and done, with all six CASH CONTROL For Networkers webinar trainings recorded and the 2-day LIVE event recorded, this will then be converted into a physical info-product that can be sold online (or offline) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The total “CASH Manage package” – the 6 webinar Training Modules and 2-day Reside Event, will then be re-launched again as a physical item in mid 2012. Price point will be in the $497 range with 40% affiliate structure. As a CASH CONTROL Affiliate Partner, you’ll naturally have first rights to this as well.

Andrew has now been in the Direct Sales / Info Advertising and marketing space for many, many years and has generated many millions of dollars in revenue (now entering his 16th year in commission-only Direct Sales), he has put together, what he considers to be a unique Coaching /Live Event / Info Marketing and advertising platform here. This will provide you, your team members, and/or your list with huge, long-term value….

Finally, Andrew Cass is committed, along with The Cash Control For Networkers Trainers, to making this sales training coaching program / mastermind group experience, along with the live Boot Camp, THE most powerful, life changing, business building expertise EVER for our customers, while providing you with a solid, reliable, long-term income stream in 2012. Andrew has yet to see anyone in his space put all “all four” pieces in place like he has here and he hopes you’ll join him on this mission….

Lock and load in the New Year with The Cash Control For Networkers program.

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