Bert Bledsoe

Bert Bledsoe Success Story

Today I wanted to a different kind of video, something maybe you can relate too, get golden nuggets from and that’s what I have for you, Bert Bledsoe success story.

Now why am I doing this?  I get it.  You hear success stories from Bill & I all the time on how we generated 600 leads in 1 day, had a 30K pay day, recruited 10 people in 1 day, etc and you might be thinking, “Michelle that’s you guys, you guys are rockstars.”  Okay maybe you didn’t say that, but my point is, I want to introduce you to someone who was in a previous MLM and had not had much success until recently when he made a simple shift in his business.

I thought it would be great to share Bert’s story as his story is inspiring and motivating. I hope you enjoy the Bert Bledsoe success story video and please be sure to leave a comment below.

Bert Bledsoe Success Story

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