The A-Team by Todd Falcone Accountability Coaching Program

A-Team by Todd Falcone

A-Team by Todd Falcone

Bill and I are joining the 1st quarter A-Team by Todd Falcone and we want you there!

Do you want to unlock your true potential that will move you towards massive action and guaranteed results?

Seriously, it’s a simple process that anyone can follow to adopt successful habits and rid yourself of procrastination.  You can easily learn the habits & strategies that are necessary for you to become successful as a business owner / entrepreneur. Plus, you can achieve this success in just 12 short weeks with us and of course The A-Team by Todd Falcone.

Bill and I feel that in order to be successful in Network Marketing you must be held personally accountable.  That’s why we have chosen to join the A-Team by Todd Falcone coming up this first quarter of 2012.

Here’s the painful truth…..

Most people prior to getting started in a business of their own have held a JOB for most of their lives, where SOMEONE ELSE holds them accountable. Network Marketing and Direct Selling requires that YOU be accountable for all of your actions.   So…the only way for you to become successful is to learn how to employ yourself and get rid of distractions, excuses, procrastination.  If you don’t you can ride your train to failure land.  

There’s no better time to take action now and get real with yourself.  One of the many reasons we are choosing to go through the 1st quarter A-Team by Todd Falcone is to set an example for our own team and others who follow. We want you to understand how to employ you.  That’s it….

It’s all about reprogramming the way you think and the things that you do so that when it comes to building your business, you simply get it done.

…From the Desk of Network Marketing Expert and Trainer, Todd Falcone

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I have a simple challenge for you.  Go walk into the bathroom RIGHT NOW and ask yourself this question with regard to your home-based business.

Would I employ me?

I’m not joking here.  Go into the bathroom with this thought in mind…

If you had to hire a CEO to run your network marketing business, someone who was RIGHT for the job and had the absolute COMMITMENT to make things happen, no matter what it took, regardless of ANY life distraction, would you employ YOU for that position?

What is your Answer?

Unfortunately, most people cannot answer yes to that question. And the sad part is that you MUST be able to answer YES to the question “Would I Employ Me?” in order for you to have ASSURED success in this profession.

One of the biggest reasons people fail in this profession is that they don’t adopt the HABITS of a self-employed entrepreneur and tend to treat their business as a part-time hobby rather than the million dollar opportunity that it really is.

Are you doing ALL that you COULD be doing to GROW your Network Marketing or Direct Sales Business?

Or…could you be doing more?  Could you be doing a LOT more?

If you risked everything in your life, took out a $500,000 loan, and borrowed tens of thousands from friends and family to start a business, would you be an absentee manager?

I don’t think so!

You’d HAVE to get to work.  You’d have to take it seriously.  The sheer amount of money invested and the pressure associated with it, would DRIVE YOU into action.  You couldn’t NOT do it!

Unfortunately, network marketing doesn’t cost that much to get in, so many people who are fully capable of earning a six-figure income, never really treat it with the kind of attitude and commitment level that it requires.

There’s GREAT NEWS!  Network Marketing isn’t really that hard to do!

Once you’ve learned to adopt and apply simple habits, the kind of habits that successful people apply, network marketing can actually be a breeze! Oh…it’s hard work for sure.  But, don’t you work hard already?

Wouldn’t it be great if you got yourself completely focused, absolutely committed and had the confidence to “tear it up” in your network marketing business?  I mean….REALLY tear it up, become the SUPERSTAR that you’ve always wanted to be, but for some reason couldn’t figure out how to get yourself there.

Where would your life be?  Your self-esteem?  Your check?  Your attitude?

The A-Team by Todd Falcone will drive you into action, end procrastination and have you moving in the direction that you already WANT to be heading in, but up until this point, simply couldn’t get yourself into consistent action!Todd started doing his accountability program with is own downline several years ago.  He had hundreds of people who wanted to make money. They all said they wanted change, but when it came down to it, they never really did anything about it.  Sound familiar?   All Todd heard was how stressed they were, how broke they were and how they wanted a better life for themselves and their families, but guess, what????  They never took action!So…the A-Team by Todd Falcone an accountability program was created. This program made those people  do the things they WANTED to do, but never get around to doing them! And guess what?  They started doing the very things they said they wanted but weren’t doing them!

The A-Team by Todd Falcone works amazingly.  Why?  Well, when you have someone else holding you accountable and making you do the things you already know you want to do, you do them!  Easy as that!

A big problem in our industry is there is really no one to push you, challenge you , drive you, or encourage you into action. Instead people sit idle and “think” about change, but never get around to creating it.

That’s why we want you to be a part of the A-Team by Todd Falcone with us.

If you are READY to make significant change and are ready to do what you SAY you want to do, but have been failing in the past, the A-Team by Todd Falcone is for you. Todd only does this 4 times a year and only takes 100 people at a time. Plus, he sells out every time. In fact I hope there are still spots as we are writing this a little late.  

Get in and all you have to do is fully participate for results.

Here’s what the A-Team by Todd Falcone is all about:

  • Teaching you New Habits that are Conducive to Building a Big Group.
  • Making you Part of a Team Experiencing the Same Process you are.
  • Educating and Teaching you How to Promote and Build a Network Marketing or Direct Sales business.
  • Showing you How to Prospect and Provide you New Ideas for Promoting.
  • Helping you to Create Clarity and become Clear with your Vision.
  • Clarifies the Core Reasons you are in the Business.
  • Forces you to Go Get the Things in Life you Want.
  • Encourages you when you are Down and Out.
  • Supports you and Helps you do the Things you Need to be Doing.
  • Provides you with the Most Affordable Option Available for Personal Coaching with Me.
  • Gives you a Chance to Get ALL of your Questions Answered.
  • Provides you Greater Motivation to Take Action.
  • Teaches you What Works and What Doesn’t.
  • Dramatically Shortens your Learning Curve and Accelerates the Potential Growth of your Check.


Here’s what the A-Team by Todd Falcone Won’t Do:

  • It won’t allow you to quit.
  • It will not allow you to give up on you.
  • It will not let you slack.
  • It will not leave you hanging by yourself without a life-line.
  • It won’t let excuses get in your way any longer.
  • It won’t let you fail.


The A-Team by Todd Falcone is for people that are finally, once and for all, READY to take action and treat their businesses seriously.

What will the A-Team by Todd Falcone do for you?

  • Help you to rid yourself of fear.
  • Stop procrastination for good.
  • Develop confidence in your prospecting efforts.
  • Teach you to sign up more people.
  • Build your self-confidence.
  • Help you deal with distractions that keep you from producing.
  • Improve your follow-up skills.
  • Create consistency in your business.
  • Help you stay motivated.
  • Give you ideas for generating super-quality prospects.
  • Rid you of phone reluctance.
  • Ensure your success by becoming completely SELF-employed.

Trust us….we know Todd Falcone very well and he could be charging thousands for this but honestly he just doesn’t need the money that badly. lol

Todd makes six figure months consistently and he isn’t looking to strip every dollar he can from his participants.

He does though have to charge for it since his time is valuable and his content.

Todd Falcone has taught Bill and I how to create more value in the marketplace and he can do the same for you too.  The more valuable you can become, the more earnings you will have.

The A-Team by Todd Falcone provides you with 12-weeks of consistent access to him and Bill and I are providing a private mastermind group also.

Register Now for this 12-week program that starts on January 9,2012 and Bill and I will see you on the inside.

What Happens When you Join the A-Team by Todd Falcone?

The A-Team by Todd Falcone is based on one primary element: ACCOUNTABILITY. The program is specifically designed to show you and teach you how to become personally accountable for your home-based business.

Most people need to learn new habits that are conducive to being self-employed.

Here’s a very clear example that will ring true or be easy to see for most people, and for some of you, you may really feel this hitting home:

If you are employed right now, try NOT showing up to work tomorrow and your job.  Then, don’t show up the next day or the day after that. Don’t call.  Just don’t show up. What would happen?  You’d get fired, right? So…what will you do instead?

You’ll show up.

Even if you hate your job and despise your boss, you’d probably show up.  You could have an hour commute, be barely making ends meet, and yet you’d still show up.

Why is that?  Now, hear me out here.  This may not specifically describe you.  Perhaps it does.  But, you clearly get my point, don’t you? The consequences are so significant, that you’ll show up no matter what.

You see…that’s the deal. In network marketing, there ARE NO consequences.  If you don’t show up…no biggie.  You’re not making any money yet, so who cares, right? What I am sharing with you runs deep and to the core.  You need to read this clearly.  This is as real as it gets.

So…what is the SOLUTION?

The A-Team by Todd Falcone Drives you into Action and Gets Results!

You see, what I’ve done and what you’ll experience is something that essentially “forces” you to do those things you WANT to do in your business, that you SAY you want…and MAKES you do them.

Interesting concept, huh? We shift you from your business being easy “not” to do, and make it so you HAVE to do it…or else.

Here’s what’s going to happen for you during A-Team by Todd Falcone:

  • 12- weeks of coaching, support and training from Todd Falcone.
  • Open-access for live questions and support for 90 days.
  • A partner to check in with daily who is going through the same thing you are.
  • Awards for specific activities which are conducive to YOU making money.
  • Encouragement from an entire group to pull you along if we have to.
  • Support from Todd Falcone directly giving you guidance and direction.
  • A friendly and warm environment for you to learn, grow and be “nourished” toward success.

Earn Points, Win Stuff, Build Confidence and Grow your Check!

How fun is that! You deserve to be rewarded for your efforts! There’s a bunch of stuff built into this that reward you for being a person in action.

You get points awarded to you for showing up for our weekly training calls, checking in with your partner daily, spending time each day on personal development…as well as prospecting.

What can you Win?

First of all…other than simply winning over your bad, non-productive habits which is a victory in and of itself, your check will grow. But…here’s what ELSE you could possibly win…and this has NEVER been done with previous A-Teams!

1. The Top Point Earner will earn two hours of personal one-on-one coaching with Todd.

2. Point earners 2 thru 5 will earn a copy of Todd’s Network Marketing Mastery Course.

3. Point earners 6 thru 10 will earn a copy of Todd’s Little Black Book of Scripts.

More important than anything, you’ll earn the rights to a bigger check because you changed your habits.  You’ll earn your freedom because you got serious, stepped to the plate and decided to do “whatever it takes” and live a life of “no excuses.”

When Does it Start?

The A-Team by Todd Falcone begins on Monday January 9, 2012 and runs for 12-consecutive weeks, ending on Sunday Sunday April 8, 2012.

If you are serious about moving your business in a forward direction like Bill & I and want to start taking the kind of actions you know you SHOULD be taking, then register immediately before the class closes. A-Team by Todd Falcone 

Once you register, you will be notified via email with all of the details of the 12-week program.  All calls are held on Monday nights at 6pm PST Time.  If you miss the call, they will be recorded and you will be provided the links to listen in on the calls you missed.

Who’s in with us? We look forward to seeing you on the first quarter A-Team by Todd Falcone.


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