All Inclusive Ads Review

Not to long ago a mentor of mine shared a program with me, called All Inclusive Ads.  While skeptical at first I decided to trust him since he is a mentor of mine and sign up to see what kind of power it has for driving massive traffic to my sites. So if you are here to get an honest down to earth review you have found the right place.

All Inclusive Ads is considered a large traffic rotator where the owners of the company invest $40K a month to promote the links of all the people who own a share in the All Inclusive Ads product. So, if you are wondering if this is junk traffic then let’s move forward and dive deeper into this product.

All Inclusive Ads in Depth Overview

I have tried my share of many free solo ads, mailers, traffic exchanges and so on. My verdict is that most of these programs are just a bunch of people trying to accomplish what I am, traffic.  Sadly they aren’t there to look at offers.  Bottom line is the cycle becomes advertisers feeding off advertisers and there are really no buyers in the pool.

All Inclusive Ads targets an audience of buyers not advertisers. In fact they spend as I said previously $40K / month running ad campaigns that result in buyers.  It is similar to a co-op in which your link rotates among the other advertisers targeting legitimate buyers.

The great part about All Inclusive Ads is that you can promote up to 10 URL’s using just one account.  Many ad services I have used in the past only allow you to promote 1 link and if you want more then you have to create multiple accounts, which can get quite pricey.

With the ability to run up to 10 URL’s I can now test different links to determine which link is converting the best for my business.

Below you will see a picture of my back office where I have my uploaded links and I haven’t even put 10 links in yet.

All Inclusive Ads

All Inclusive Ads








All Inclusive Ads Traffic Converts 

Traffic to your site is just traffic if it doesn’t convert.  To be profitable you need conversions / sales.

All Inclusive Ads has a great history of converting their traffic into sales. In fact I am finding it to be better than Yahoo PPC and Google PPC.  I am not just getting traffic I am actually getting real buyers. Regular sign ups to my offers happen quite often making this traffic source a gold mine for our business.

So if you decide to join it is really easy.  All you have to do, once you are signed up, is add your links.  Simple as that and you will not be entered into the rotator of the $40K advertising money set aside each month.

Here’s the cool part. On the 1st day of your 2nd month with All Inclusive Ads (30 days from the day you join) you get a 2nd share of traffic for no extra cost. What does that mean to you? You get TWICE as much traffic the 2nd month. Guess what happens on the 1st day of your 3rd month? You guessed it! You get a 3rd share of traffic, 3x as much as you did your first month.  Very cool!

All Inclusive Ads Has an Affiliate Program

When you join All Inclusive Ads you will get the opportunity to promote a link as an affiliate of the program.  You certainly don’t have to but it can be quite rewarding. You earn a recurring $5/month on each member you bring in through your link. You also earn $4-$1/month on the next 4 levels deep! So basically as the good word of All Inclusive Ads spreads, your AIA commissions grow like a virus! Yet another great reason to join.

All Inclusive Ads is a great program where everyone gets to participate if you choose to join. You will get quality paid traffic, great conversion rates and you can promote up to 10 links a month.

If you are ready to join All Inclusive Ads click HERE.

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