In this video I want to show you how you can use advertising on Facebook to grow you business. While there are various ways to build a business online Facebook remains one of my favorites.

Advertising on Facebook:

So as you can see during this promoted post ad that I ran I was able to get a pretty good reach on Facebook. When you use advertising on Facebook you are able to reach more people, not only can you email your list but you can also reach even more people on Facebook. When you’re advertising on Facebook, not only can you hand pick your fans by using targeted ads, but you can also reach their friends by using promoted posts.

Having a Facebook fan page or business page is a requirement when you’re advertising on Facebook. You can create different types of pages, like a local business page, a fan page, artist page, music page, and so much more. The key to successful Facebook advertising is really in the details. How to choose the right audience, market to them while staying within advertising guidelines etc.

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