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5 Ways to Get Banned on Facebook

I am seeing more and more people getting banned on Facebook for certain activities.  So, in today’s video / post I want to make you aware of activities that can easily get you banned on Facebook or maybe you have heard this term, “thrown in Facebook jail”.

When Facebook throws you in Facebook jail they limit you from performing the activities that they claim you abused anywhere from 7 days to 30 days to permanently.

In the below video I discuss 5 way to get banned on Facebook, the most common ways that is:

  • Email sending
  • Friend Requesting
  • Url’s
  • Copy and Pasting
  • Cruising too Fast

I know those seem vague but the value you will get from the video below will save you from having your marketing efforts halted in their tracks.

5 Ways to Get Banned On Facebook

If you can’t view the video on this page please click HERE. 

I hope you found this video post helpful if you did please leave me a comment below as I always enjoy your feedback.  Also share with me your personal experience if you got banned on Facebook and how it affected your marketing efforts.


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