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No Excuses Shenanigans

Right now you may of heard after Ray Higdon plastered the news everywhere that he is in first place for the voting contest for who is going to speak at No Excuses III.  While I love Ray Higdon, work with Ray Higdon, hang with Ray Higdon, play craps with Ray Higdon, taught him how to play craps, nothing would be better than a little heat put on his efforts. Especially after he attacked my last name in his recent post.  Truth be told Ray has trouble pronouncing words with too many vowels.

Not sure if you know this….but Ray Higdon doesn’t like to lose especially to me and that’s why he is pulling out all the stops.

So, this post is in response to his efforts in trying to rig this No Excuses contest.  Wanna see it?  Click HERE.  WAIT DO NOT CLICK until you give me a “like” on this page, Click HERE.

Because…if you click on Ray’s post your computer will blow up in approximately 7 seconds and there is no way you can deactivate the bomb!

Then we have the Mr Tim Erway who we must address at this point, with his alter ego “ganster” coming through on Facebook.

He has taken social media by storm promoting in his latest efforts on how the other leaders need to be exposed.

It was last reported that Tim Erway, is running scared from “death threats” due to his highly controversial post, claiming the other speakers are out to take his life had this to say on his Facebook page. (see below)

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It has been reported Tim Erway is now in hiding somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan. Tim’s scandalous reports have caused an uproar in the network marketing industry.  The supporters of these leaders that Tim speaks of, are now angry and want Tim to come forward with a statement on exactly where he got this information he claims to be true.

Truth be told all the men leaders are in with Tim and Tim is the ring leader of this cult.  Only the women can be trusted at this point.

Proof? Straight from the mouth of the No Excuses organizer:

No Excuses





Then we have Justus Allen who has tried repeatedly to take me down.  Weird though….he is on my team, I will have to address him on this at the next event.  Could this be jealousy or quite possibly is he hiding something?

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Oh but wait, there is Tim Erway again, claiming I tried to bite him and convert him to the dark side.

Truth be told…Yes, I am a blood sucking vampire. How do you think I can work all hours of the day and night?   I have been exposed and there is no doubt that if you want to obtain 6 figures in 6 months you better convert to the dark side.  You see many in our industry have been searching for that “golden egg” and the truth finally comes out.  There is no “golden egg” you must convert now if you want what all these leaders have and are not willing to admit.  They are all blood sucking vampires.

Diane Hochman – While I love her, I am shocked!

No Excuses




Yes surprising of them all is Diane Hochman’s response to Tim Erway and Justus Allen.  Throwing out the truth behind my success.  I am shocked by this, I really thought Diane would keep this a secret.

She may of leaked the truth but if I am the “love child” of Mark Hoverson and Ray Higdon they too must be blood sucking vampires.

So here are your 16 reasons to vote for me as a No Excuses Summit Speaker….yes 16 because I must do one more than Ray Higdon.  (His real vampire name is the Higster)

1. I will give you access to the exact blueprint to becoming a blood sucking vampire so you too can achieve 6 figures in 6 months. No longer will you need sleep btw…

2. I stole Ray Higdon’s alien suit on the last cruise and will be holding a raffle drawing at No Excuses.  The suit has been known to have super natural powers, like giving you the ability to never sleep as we all no Ray Higdon never sleeps.

3. I will be giving away chopped up pieces of Mark Hoverson’s $500.00 black shirt he wears on stage that was made by some tailor who makes John Lennon’s shirts or someone famous like that.

4. I will give the exact location of where Tim Erway is hiding and expose to you his REAL “Gangster” name.

5. I will force Todd Falcone to buy every man a Robert Graham shirt who is in attendance at the event.

6. For the ladies, I will have Diane Hochman share with you why women from all over the world flock to her.

7. Ray Higdon and Mark Hoverson will also come forth if you vote for me and admit their love affair to the public.

8. I will make sure Daegan Smith gets up on stage even if he doesn’t win (which I doubt will happen) but just in case, so you guys know exactly how he is the “king of never calling a lead”.  It’s NOT what you think.  He will be exposed this time for all his secrets.

9. I will have a private meeting with all the ladies on how we plan to take over this male dominated industry.

10. Bill will also hold a “secret” meeting to show all you men how we will take over this male dominated industry.

11. Ray and Ferny will also agree to give Tequila shots to everyone in attendance!  In fact there will be an unlimited amount of tequila flowing from a fancy ice sculpture.

12. Oh and Yes…this is big.  Mike Klingler will be issuing me a public on stage apology for bashing me in the beginning of my career for not knowing how to market on Facebook! (HUGE!!!)

13. Ryan Angelo has agreed to share his hypnotic secrets so you can recruit anyone into your business with just a snap of your fingers.

14. Rob Fore will be holding a fire walking session on stage for all of those in attendance.

15. Mark Hoverson has also agreed to do his speech with his shirt off since I stole his only speech shirt and chopped it up into pieces.

16. I will let you buy me a drink 😉  Even though you will have to twist my arm to drink it.

But in all fun and fairness there are some GREAT speakers lined up for No Excuses and I am simply humbled by the fact that I am a part of this group of leaders, like Ray Higdon, Tim Erway, Mark Hoverson, Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, Rob Fore, David Wood, Daegan Smith, Ann Sieg, Mike Dillard, Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewitz, Todd Falcone, Randy Gage, and the list goes on….

So what do you say my friends?  Can you give me a “like” for the No Excuses contest, just because you want to see more friendly competition between the No Excuses possible speakers and get a good laugh?

If so Click HERE and btw….Ray’s magic “like” button is not Magic like he says.  My button is the magical one he only wishes his was.  Want double magic?  The try that Google Plus button too above my picture.

You guys ROCK!

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