Dot Com Secrets Review

Dot Com Secrets Review

Dot Com Secrets

Internet Millionaire looking for students to mold into their next success story over at Dot Com Secrets. Russell Brunson will personally be developing a small group of people and helping them finally make money online. What you should know….is Bill and I are a part of Dot Com Secrets program as of a few days ago.  We are excited and want to give you the details.

The Dot Com Secret plan is simple:

  • 1st to help 100,000 people their first $100
  • 2nd to help 10,000 finally fire their boss
  • 3rd to help 1,000 make 6 figures a year
  • 4th to help 100 become millionaires

Sound too big to be true? Well at Dot Com Secrets they have success stories already brewing for you to see first hand.  All who had ordinary stories and are now making a full time income from the comfort of their homes.

The Dot Com Secrets program is a spin off of the previous $5,000 coaching program but this time it’s not $5000.

You can now join for $1 and take the 30 day challenge. After signing up for the next 30 days you will get a private video from Russell Brunson. The video will be approx. 10-15 minutes long and the video will give you one task that will take you about 30 minutes to complete. I can say this….the first videos don’t make too much sense but when you stick with it for a few days you will see it coming together.

The three core steps you will learn at Dot Com Secrets are:

  • How to build a list
  • How to build it fast and mostly for FREE
  • How to monetize that list and make money fast

If you have been living under a rock or have been missing the boat you need to know that the money is in your list. Dot Com Secrets is going to teach you exactly how to make money online quickly.

Dot Com Secrets Give You The Tools

While you may be thinking that the list building part may be easy, then again you may be thinking about how you may not have the technical skills to build your business with the tools that you will need.

At Dot Com Secrets they make it easy for you by giving you squeeze page templates, give you multiple offers to sell to your list, and they give you their secret resources to all their traffic sources that you can get for free to your offers.

You aren’t going to have to take the stairs like everyone else.  You will get the elevator full of shortcuts to get you where you want to be fast. I don’t know about you but I like the elevator much better than the stairs and if you know us you know we have always followed and learned from industry leaders like our recent posts Daegan Smith. 

If you follow the program as Russell instructs for the first 30 days and if you aren’t making any money you can cancel for whatever reason and you won’t pay anything.  Dot Com Secrets is committed to helping you make money online and if after 30 days you find value you can join at a low monthly cost.  For more information visit here: Dot Com Secrets.


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  • Hi Michelle, Thanks so much for sharing these Dot Com Secrets. I am an avid follower of Daegan Smith and he has helped my husband and I so much with his teachings. Now, it looks like Russell Brunson has formed a way to take such an expensive course of secrets to us for only a small fee.
    This is what I just love about networking. We share all the goodies that are coming up. Thanks for the heads up on this!
    Donna Merrill

  • Billy Jean says:

    Did you take the first dot com secrets course? I guess I’m asking as I wonder whether or not it is really worth it.

  • Angie says:

    Would you suggest doing the dotcomsecrets or mlsp? Too many options unfortunately stops me from doing anything. So if I’m going to pick one?

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Angie, two totally different programs. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Dotcomsecrets is list building and affiliate sales nothing to do with mlm or network marketing. Are you in network marketing? MLSP is a great system that we use too but it’s for us to build our businesses online and still earn additional streams of income from. Feel free to call us to discuss if you want.

  • Marcy says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Do you recommend the upgrade for the traffic generator program @197.00?

  • Marcy says:

    Hey Michelle,
    I see that you’re having success with DotComSecrets, that’s great!
    I am on day 9 and getting clicks but nothing big yet. Are you doing alot of paid solo ads?

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Marcy, i have done some solo ads that were paid and also promoted to my list the benefits of using Dot Com X to build your list. The list is where the money is and if you can master building a massive list you can monetize it. Keep me posted and let me know if you need help.

  • Marcy says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I’ve been sending alot of free ads everyday….I have less than 10 on my Aweber list.
    I know paid ads are the way to go and I’ve sent 200 so far. My primary co. is PROElite Mkgt.
    should I consider sending out ads for PRO? How the heck does one build a big list?

    • Michelle says:

      Marcy, they build a big list using paid advertising. Prob. not what you wanted to hear but that’s the quickest way. Free will just take a lot longer….years, that is. I can send one solo ad that might cost 165.00 and get about 150 new people on my list.

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