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DS Domination: What is it, and how can you make money with it.

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Exactly what is DS Domination? In this video I will discuss why everyone is in a frenzie for DS Domination. If you don’t know what Drop Shopping is then watch the video below!!

DS Domination:

DS Domination Is a the brain child of Roger Langille, who has been a master copywriter for the last 10 years. Not just that, he is one of the top ranked sellers on eBay, where he consistently made over 7 figures a year. Roger Langille combined his ability, expertise and experience to create DS Domination.

And if you didn’t currently knew, “DS” means Dropship.
Simply puts, it’s efficiency is ensured that a 10 years of age can do it.
DS Domination Review– Show me the Monies

How do you earn money with DS Domination?

Exactly what is so unique about this program compared to everything else on there on the net?

Is DS Domination a Scam? Let’s dive in shall we and see for yourself.

DS Domination is an action by step video course that will teach you the most popular way that most of the top eBay sellers use in order to get products and offer them.
The name of the game is you will have an opportunity to buy products at a lower cost and offer them on eBay for a profit. The genius thing about this method is you NEVER hold any stock and it’s all done online.

You just receive the money from the eBay purchaser before hand and offer the order to the supplier to ship to your customer.
DS Domination eBay Drop Shipping

DS Domination Results: Is that truly it?
It appears like an easy process, in a manner, it truly is, however you should have a clear expertise about it in order to make some serious earnings without any headaches.
This is where DS Domination comes into play.

With even more clients buying and going shopping on eBay and Amazon, there is a brand-new opportunity for everyone to use with UNLIMITED potential. This is truly where DS Domination shines!

Even the specialists say eBay and Amazon customers will be enhancing massively in the next few years.

If you wish to use this promising market, you need placed on your business hat on and equip yourself with all the right understanding.
DS Domination is the best solution possible for that.

When you first enroll in DS Domination right here for $20.00 per month, you will access to 19 training modules that take you by the hand action by step on how precisely you can make your first few sales on eBay without start up costs.

The training is VERY simple and basic to follow to make sure FAILURE is NOT an alternative.

If you join using my link below you will also get access to our private DS Domination Facebook Group

To Get DS Domination click HERE.

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Social Media Branding Academy

Six Figure Branding Bootcamp.

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In this video I want to discuss our upcoming Six Figure Branding Boot Camp.. Bill and I are going to be walking you through the entire process of how to build a massive brand on Facebook.

If you’ve ever struggled to build your brand on Facebook then this boot camp is for you! We only have a FEW spots remaining but we’re pretty excited about what you will be learning during our 8 week intensive program!

This will be a very interactive 8 week boot camp. Are you ready? Rest assured if you can’t make it to the live sessions, you will have lifetime access to the recordings. You will also be given access to our intimate Facebook group where you will get to work with Bill and myself one on one for 8 weeks.

Here is what you will learn during each week.

1. I will be teaching in a 4 part series:

a. How to define your brand and craft your offer.

b. Crafting your Facebook marketing business plan.

c. How to generate leads into your business.

d. How to become famous on Facebook and be the go to person for your niche.

2. Bill will be teaching in his 4 part series:

a. How to overcome your fear and establish rapport with your leads.

b. How to uncover your prospects pain and provide them the right solution.

c. How to maintain your posture and control of the conversation.

d. How to overcome objections and close your prospects into your offer.

Are you ready to get started? Hurry up because we only have a few seats remaining and this boot camp starts in a few weeks! Click HERE to register for your seat!

mlm prospecting

MLM Prospecting: How to control the conversation.

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In today’s video Bill talks about MLM prospecting. How to keep control of the conversation, and engage your prospect in a conversation about themselves. It’s important to keep your posture during the conversation.

MLM Prospecting:

When you’re engaging in MLM prospecting you want to make sure you’re in control of the conversation. You have to have posture when making calls, if your prospect is trying to control the questions you have to make sure you follow up a question with a question. Whoever ask’s the most questions is in control of the conversation. This is more important than you think, you are the leader, you are the one that was asked to call, remember your lead opted into YOUR capture page. They want to speak with YOU. Yes they’re going to have questions, and it’s ok to answer them AFTER you’ve gained control of the conversation.

Remember that when you’re in the process of MLM prospecting your call has to have an outcome. What is the purpose of your call? Your a problem solver so remember to ask probing questions and then solve those questions via whatever it is that you’re promoting. In our case we promote MLSP, which is the solution to 97% of the problems that face most struggling network marketers today.

You need to decide what works best when you’re MLM prospecting. Also, if you’re struggling for people to talk to about your business and you want to use THE EXACT SYSTEM that allows us to generate 40-80 LEADS PER DAY then you need to click HERE. 

attraction marketing

Attraction Marketing 101..

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In today’s video I am discussing the difference between attraction marketing and prospecting. While they may sound similar they are actually pretty different strategies. Check out the video below.

What is attraction marketing?

Generally, when you are using attraction marketing you are in essence trying to attract others to you by solving common problems. You find a target audience, like struggling network marketers, and then you solve their problems via providing content, offering training, support etc. This is different from prospecting because with prospecting you’re actively reaching out to people, trying to find them, find their pain, and try to offer a solution. While it sounds similar to attraction marketing, prospecting varies because in attraction marketing people find YOU, they come to YOU for answers, help, etc. In prospecting you are reaching out to others, so the tables are turned.

Now attraction marketing takes longer to to see results. You have to stick to delivering content, and value for quite some time. However, if you’re prospecting you are picking up the phone, or actively going out and finding people. You can mix a bit of both into your business strategy to help speed up success, as well as to provide you with solid experience doing both types of marketing.

Attraction marketing and prospecting both have pros and cons, and quite honestly you need to be good to some degree at both so that you can determine which one is right for you. I use on of the worlds greatest attraction marketing platforms to draw people into my business and help solve their problems. The system I use is called MLSP and they have an amazing $2.00 trial. If you’re interested in learning more about attraction marketing and prospecting then I invite you to check out MLSP. The training within MLSP covers both prospecting and attraction marketing.

Become a true master of attraction marketing and prospecting by clicking HERE.

Click HERE if you want access to my most recent power editor course for only $27.

live the dream 4

Live The Dreamv 4. Why you should attend live events. | live the dream 4

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In this video Bill talks about live events. Why you should attend them and how they can help grow your business. You should consider attending Live the Dream 4 by MLSP in November.

Live the Dream 4 by MLSP:

You can greatly increase your value and your income by attending live events. The upcoming MLSP event Live The Dream 4 can change your business. Imagine being in a room full of the most successful internet marketers for a full three days. How much can you learn in those days, and how will what you learn influence your business and most importantly your wallet.

There are so many great things you can experience when attending live events like Live The Dream 4 by MLSP. You can for amazing friendships, and most importantly JV partnerships with other people that attend those events. I cannot stress enough the importance of attending Live The Dream 4. If you’re tired of struggling, or you feel like sometimes you’re all alone, stuck behind a computer in your living room with no one else that relates to you. Trust me I’ve been there. When I attended my first Live the Dream event I realized just how many other people out there in the world and the MLSP community there are out there trying to make it on the world of online marketing.

Bill and I would love to meet you at Live The Dream 4, get to know you, shake you hand. We also have some really great bonuses we are offering to those that purchase their ticket to link. You’re going to get an 8 week coaching program from BIll and myself. The things we will teach you during this program are worth several thousand dollars but you can get it all for FREE just for getting your Live The Dream 4 tickets through us!

We look forward to meeting you in sunny San Diego! You can get your Live The Dream tickets HERE.

MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting.

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How to have greater success in MLM Recruiting. In this video Bill talks about how to ask the right questions when you’re prospecting.

Success with MLM Recruiting

Developing strong MLM recruiting skills isn’t that hard. You begin by discovering a need, or struggle with your prospect. You want to make your prospect think they are in control of the conversation. Choices you give them are not yes or no choices but rather THIS or THAT.. Implementing these types of choices should allow you to not only maintain your posture but also improve your MLM recruiting skills. .

Also you need practice so I recommend you start working on calling leads to improve your MLM recruiting skills. Bill and I use a system to generate leads called My Lead System Pro. We’ve been using this system for about 3 years now and have generated close to 30,000 leads in the system. So I highly recommend you check it out.

The really great thing about MLSP is that not only does it help you increase your recruiting skills but you also get access to the latest training on what’s working now to generate leads for your MLM business. Bill and I, train on the webinars often. As a matter of fact Bill just did a 2 part webinar on prospecting and closing this week. You can check out the recordings in the back office of MLSP.

So to get started with MLSP and learn more about MLM recruiting click HERE.



My Lead System Pro

What is My Lead System Pro

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In this video Bill talks about My Lead System Pro!

How can you use My Lead System Pro to build your business?

Well watch the video below to learn why MLSP will change the way you build your business forever.

In this video Bill Pescosolido discusses what is My Lead System Pro and how My Lead System Pro will help you build your business.

If you’re struggling in network marketing or MLM and you want to generate leads. Then look no further than MLSP.  If you want to build your network marketing business online then you’re in need of a system like My Lead System Pro. You can use MLSP to monetize the leads that say NO to your primary business or MLM. That way you’ve still got income that comes in whether or not you sponsor into your MLM.

MLSP is a platform that helps train you to become a master marketer. You can check out a trial of MLSP by clicking HERE:

You can’t go wrong with MLSP. You get a marketing training platform, an affiliate program build in. Training on prospecting, marketing, recruiting, objection handling, closing, sales, and so much more.

Use MLSP effectively and help build not your primary MLM. Build your brand, build a following, and build it with MLSP!

MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting..

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In this video Bill talks about MLM Recruiting.

How you can learn to increase your conversions with prospects.

If you’re serious about MLM Recruiting then you’ve got to take a look at the video below:

Bill says that in order to be successful at MLM Recruiting then you’ve got to plan out every step of your actions in the entire recruiting process.

Ask open ended questions to try to learn more about your prospect. Try to get to their pain. Understand what their struggles are and offer solutions to those problems in the form of what you offer as a leader and what your MLM company offers in terms of value. Make sure you set steps for follow ups, three-way calls etc. You see MLM recruiting is not only a numbers game, but the true power is in the follow up, which is why it’s crucial for you to have you action steps mapped out in order to have greater success. Often times in MLM Recruiting it’s easy to let things distract you, or to let fear prevent you from taking action, picking up the phone, and making it count! Remember that your business is not going to build itself, and even though the phone can sometimes weigh a thousand pounds it’s important that you follow through with your action plan. Success in MLM Recruiting is all about taking action.

I hope you enjoyed Bill’s video on MLM Recruiting.

If you’re SERIOUS about taking ACTION, and getting REAL results then we want to invite you to check out the system we’ve been using for over two years that helped us get to over SIX figures in just SIX months.. Check it out right here MLM Recruiting


Wake Up Call

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Wake Up Call With Some Fun Entrepreneurs

Every morning our good friend and team mate Bert Bledsoe hosts a wake up call at 9am Central time.  We kind of hijacked it and pop in quite frequently along with some other great entrepreneurs.

The problem I have this call, is it’s so dang early for me.  I mean I did earn the right to sleep in by becoming a successful entrepreneur, but for some reason our house is getting invaded in the morning for tomorrow’s call and you are invited.

See my video message on what we are up too and my message to the entrepreneurs who are crashing our house at 8am to do this wake up call.

Wake Up Call Video

Come join us by clicking HERE to register.  It’s going to be fun.  No pitching.  Just pure fun and lots of great nuggets will be shared.