Mindset: In this video we discuss how to make the shift between Employee to Entrepreneur.

Cultivating the Entrepreneur Mindset:

There’s a HUGE difference between an employee mindset vs an entrepreneur mindset. They’re completely opposite when you look them.

When you are an employee you think you have control over an outcome but in reality you don’t, as a business owner you are in control of your own destiny. As an entrepreneur you have to take initiative and create your own results, however as an employee you have the ability to wait until tasks need to get done.

You have to be resourceful as an entrepreneur, you need to find answers for yourself. Especially when you’re faced with challenging circumstances.

Some other challenges that face entrepreneurs is that they have to wear many different hats in their business, as an employee you have a defined role that you are paid to do. You have set expectations and guidelines and rules that you have to abide by. Most employees have someone that they can turn to if they face a certain challenge or if they get stuck with something. They also have defined procedures for handling certain issues.

As an entrepreneur you are the one that has to define these protocols, often times as new problems arise you solve them in new ways. You have to have a certain level of fluidity in your business because you’re shaping and defining your business as you go. Cultivating an entrepreneur mindset is crucial and you want to surround yourself with other individuals that are doing the same things as you.

So always ask yourself as your facing new challenges in your business whether you’re thinking as an entrepreneur or an employee.

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