How a Phone Sales Team Can Be the Lifeboat For Your Business


phone sales team

Everyone knows that the fortune is in the follow up….but if you’re not following up with your leads…how can you make a fortune? Perhaps leveraging a phone sales team is the solution?


By now I’m sure you’ve heard how important it is to follow up with your leads by phone.

When you follow up with your leads by phone you increase your ability to:

  • Establish a personal relationship with your lead so that you can build the Know, Like, & Trust factor that is so critical in getting your leads to turn into buyers.
  • Uncover the “pain” that your lead is experiencing so you can better understand what they’re currently going thru and then recommend the appropriate solution.
  • Overcome any objections they may have and answer their questions.
  • Close them into your product, service, or business opportunity.

That’s pretty much it!

But Here’s The Thing… Phone  Follow Up Is Easier Said Than Done.

First of all, you’ll have to overcome any possible Cold Call reluctance that you may have.

For example, you might be nervous or apprehensive about speaking to a complete stranger or perhaps you’re afraid of rejection and so the thought of picking up the phone to call a lead can be an incredibly daunting task.

All of a sudden your telephone feels like it weighs 20 lbs. and you have knots in your stomach and beads of sweat building up on your forehead.

phone sales team

Additionally, you may be relatively new to phone sales, and so the thought of your livelihood and business success completely dependent upon your ability to close the prospect into your business adds to the already enormous pressure you may be feeling.

Furthermore, in the absence of professional sales training and months and months if not years of personal experience you will most likely find that you’re ill-equipped to properly and professionally handle the sales process with a great deal of success.

Unfortunately, this lack of phone sales success will lead to:

  • Frustration and anxiety on subsequent prospecting/sales calls: most likely the lack of success you’ll have on the phone and the corresponding rejection that you will face leads to mounting of frustration and anxiety that makes any future calls even more difficult and nerve-wracking than the previous ones.
  • An exorbitant amount of your time squandered away from unsuccessful call after call: think of all of the other things you could’ve been doing (either for your business or your personal life) while you were  unsuccessfully calling your leads.
  • A significant loss of revenue: it takes time, effort, and typically money to generate leads. If you’re reaching out to those hard earned leads and burning thru them because of a lack of sales experience then you’re not only losing out on the real costs associated with generating the lead but you’re also losing out on the potential revenue that each lead represents.

phone sales team

So what’s the solution????

Well one obvious solution is to master the art of sales, but mastering sales is no easy task. Simply put… sales is not for everyone.

And even if sales is for you, it can still take years to master your sales skills and thousands of dollars in training and coaches.

And who has time for all of that???

The real solution for you is to have a phone sales team close your leads and prospects for you.

Now that you know how a phone sales team can help you get more sales for your business  you’re ready to take the next step. 

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