How To Overcome The Money Objection

how to overcome the money objection

Want to learn how to overcome the money objection?

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If you’re in Direct Sales or the Home Based Business industry then you most certainly have encountered the money objection.

However, in order to know how to overcome the money objection you must first be aware of the 3 different scenarios that occur during the money objection.

 Keep reading and watch the video below where I share with you the 3 things you must know in order to overcome the money objection.

What’s the Money Objection And How Do I Overcome It?

If you’re unfamiliar with the “Money Objection”, it’s when you go thru the sales process with a prospect and when it’s time for you to close them they say…

“Oh, I can’t afford that.”


“I don’t have the money right now.”

In the video below I will share with 3 things about the money objection you must know and how to overcome the money objection when you get it during the sales process.

Watch the video now…

Are You Getting Too Many No’s Because of the Money Objection?

1.) They Have The Money But They’re Not Serious About Changing Their Life Right Now

It’s okay…. not everyone wants to start a business or shares your same passion for your product, service, or company.

And you can’t convince someone of something they don’t want to do.

You just have to recognize that and move on.

Your job now is to find people who are more interested and are actually looking to make a change in their life.

2.)  They Have The Money But They Don’t See The Value In Parting With Their Money

This means that you haven’t done a good enough job of sharing the value of your product service or company.

Maybe you just feature dumped all over them and you haven’t shared the benefit to them and how this will help them or change their life.

You need to back track a bit and and ask them more questions to find their pain and then share how your product/service helps to solve that pain.

If it doesn’t help solve their pain then they’re an unqualified prospect, it’s not a fit for them and you’re wasting your time and their time.

If you don’t uncover their pain then you will always struggle with how to overcome the money objection.

3.)  The Prospect Really Wants This But Is  Honestly Having A Hard Time Scraping Together The Money

If you want to know how to overcome the money objection in this case then you’ve got to:

A.) Revisit their “Why” and remind them of why they want to do this and how this program will benefit them.

After you’ve done that ask them again to join you.

If they still give you the money objection:

B.) Ask them “If I can help you with ideas on how to raise the money would you be open to that?”

If they’re receptive to these ideas then you should feel confident that you will know how to overcome the money objection and you will refer them into your business as a new distributor or customer.


How To Overcome The Money Objection Conclusion

Now that you know the 3 different scenarios you’ll encounter when overcoming the money objection you’re well on your way to closing more sales.

However, in order to close more sales you need people to speak with.

If you’re like us, you’d prefer to speak with qualified leads who’ve expressed interest in you or your services.

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