In this video I discuss how to reduce overwhelm and how to increase your value.

Increasing your value:

In today’s must see video I share with you 1 very simple but crucial strategy on how to reduce overwhelm and how to increase your value.

As an entrepreneur you know how important it is to increase your value in the marketplace while at the same time learn how to reduce overwhelm so that you don’t get too bogged down.

Often times people get stuck in learning mode. They spend all of their time just learning, learning, learning.

The problem with this is that if all you’re doing is intaking information without applying any of it your brain tends to fill up and become cluttered. This is why overwhelm occurs.

So the trick is, as soon as you learn something you need to apply it to your business and then teach it to someone else.

Once you’re able to learn it, implement it into your business, and then teach it to someone else you will then increase your value in the marketplace. You can post what you learned to Facebook, or to your blog. You can also cut a quick video like this one and share it with your email list. It’s important that you take what you learn and share it with others and that will draw them to you.

So instead of just learn, learn, learn, and adding to the clutter and overwhelm, I want you to stop learning and start implementing what you just learned into your business.

Once you’ve implemented it into your business I want you to teach it to someone else.

By doing this you will realize how to reduce overwhelm and as a result you will learn how to increase your value and be able to successfully move forward in your business.

I hope you have enjoyed watching this video!

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