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MLSP: What is it?

In this video I talk about MLSP, what it is, and how it can help you build your business online. MLSP So what is MLSP? MLSP is short for My Lead System Pro. It's an online marketing and training platform specifically designed to help you learn how to market yourself online. You will [...]

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Video Cash Flow Machine

Video Cash Flow Machine Okay don't tell Kate and Andrew McShea that I said this about them.  But, seriously....they have LOST THEIR MINDS!   I am telling you they are going to piss off some leaders in this industry with the bonuses they are delivering with the launch of their new course.  In fact so [...]

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Success in Network Marketing

An Alternative to Your Struggling in Network Marketing - Most people who are struggling in the network marketing industry or home based business industry are struggling because they lack true 1 on 1 coaching and mentorship. Struggling in Network Marketing: In my experience the majority of struggling network marketers and struggling home based business owners have [...]

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Video Marketing: How to make better videos

Today I want to talk about Video Marketing, and specifically how to can make better videos. Video Marketing 101: 1.) People often feel that in order to make a better video they have to be perfect in their video but unfortunately that typically ends up bogging you down. 2.)When wondering how to make a better [...]

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My Lead System Pro: How can it help YOU!

In today's video I want to talk about My Lead System Pro or MLSP for short. If you are struggling to get leads online then this video is for YOU! MLSP: So what is MLSP, My Lead System Pro is an online marketing platform. It has ALL the tools you will EVER need [...]

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Overcoming Objections: The 6 Steps

In this video I discuss how you can overcome objections. Oftentimes in MLM prospecting we come across many different types of objections. Overcoming Objections: Step 1: Don't try to handle an objection the MOMENT it pops up. It's best not to immediately rush to overcome your prospects objection, instead try pausing for a moment, be [...]

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Great Leadership Quotes

Some of My Favorite Great Leadership Quotes Welcome to this post on great leadership quotes.  I often go on the search for great leadership quotes that I can share on social media.  Since we build our business online using Facebook and other social media sites, it's important to always engage with your followers.  One easy way [...]

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Internet Marketing Made Simple

Internet Marketing Made Simple Below you will find the replay, Internet Marketing Made Simple, from June 16th, 2014 webinar where we had 7 figure earner, good friend, and co-founder of No Excuses, Ferny Ceballos. If you are lost, overwhelmed and confused one how this whole internet marketing game really works.  Maybe you just are not getting [...]

MLSP Mastery: Testimonial

So what is MLSP Mastery and how can it help you build your MLM business? MLSP is an amazing tool that every business owner should have! So what is MLSP? Take a look at the video below! MLSP Mastery: MLSP is an online and marketing platform that will train you on how you can become [...]

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Online Success:

Want to achieve Online Success? Watch this video below as I talk about what important decision played a key role in our online success. What did we do to go from making $0 dollars online to $10K a month in just 6 short months. Be sure to watch the entire video as I have a [...]

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MLSP Review: What is My Lead System Pro?

In this video I discuss what MLSP is and give you a full blown MLSP Review. If you're struggling to build your business check out MLSP! What is My Lead System Pro: To find out what is My Lead System Pro click HERE. MLSP is a online marketing and training platform that shows [...]

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