Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Decide to Promote That Affiliate Product

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Watch The Video To See What We Ask Ourselves Before We Promote Anything

Not too long ago Bill & I received a question from a client of ours, “Should I promote XYZ affiliate product to my list today?”

Now that really got me thinking because if you are an affiliate marketer that is your business.

That is how you make money, right?  By promoting an affiliate product.

But, you see….in order to really be successful as a person who promotes any product online, especially to your audience, you MUST ask yourself these questions that I address in this video.

It’s not just about can you make money.

It’s so much more than that.

So in order to TRULY be successful at selling affiliate products online you MUST ask yourself a few simple questions.

Check out the video below as I address the questions you MUST ask yourself before you decide to promote that affiliate product……heck, any product online for that matter.

If you are reading this and you watched the video, I hope this helps you in your marketing efforts.  As always Bill & I are here to help and if you got value in this video post be sure to leave a comment below and feel free to share because sharing is caring :).

Have an amazing day!


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