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Bill Pescosolido is a Certified Content Marketing Specialist and is in charge of the content and email marketing for Pescosolido Marketing LLC. Prior to joining his wife Michelle in their digital marketing business Bill spent 16 years in Corporate America in sales and consulting roles.

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Content

6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Content Did you know that creating poor content could ruin your brand and send your audience running for the hills?  However, great content will build you a loyal, life long, audience who will eagerly buy from you time and time again.  There are 6 simple ways to improve your content that [...]

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An Open Letter To “Freebie Seekers”

An Open Letter To "Freebie Seekers" Have you ever had a weird experience with someone on your email newsletter? Yesterday we received an unusual email in our support desk from someone named “Barry”.  His email was in response to an email follow up sequence that we have set up promoting Michelle’s "Social Media Branding Academy" course. Here's [...]

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5 Biggest Myths Of The Home Based Business Industry

5 Biggest Myths Of The Home Based Business Industry You've been lied to! In fact, if you're reading this article there's a good chance that almost everything you've been told about the home based business industry is dead wrong. Truth is... there are 5 big myths of the home based biz industry that are being [...]

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Working Hard vs. Working Smart: How To Gain Leverage In Your Business

Working Hard vs. Working Smart You've probably heard the expression "working hard vs. working smart". But what does that really mean? As we all know, time is the most precious commodity you have when building your own business. However, if you're working hard and grinding away at your business day after day... ... there's a good [...]

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Customer Avatar: 12 Questions All Marketers Must Ask

How To Create Your Customer Avatar To Attract Your Ideal Customer Ask any successful marketer out there and they'll say you must have a clearly defined Customer Avatar. But the problem is... Most marketers don't even know what a Customer Avatar is or how to clearly define one. In fact, the 2 questions I get [...]

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Content Marketing: 6 Ideas For Endless Content Creation

Content Marketing: 6 Ideas For Endless Content Creation There's a good chance that you're aware of how valuable content marketing is for your business. Content will help you build your brand, establish yourself as an authority, and help to convert more ice cold prospects into RED HOT BUYERS! However, if you're relatively new to building [...]

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Increase YouTube Views: 6 Tips For Better Videos

6 Tips To Increase YouTube Views Would you like to increase YouTube views so you can build your brand awareness? As a marketer, you probably already know how valuable video can be to establish you as an authority within your niche. Also, knowing how to increase YouTube views can be critical when it comes to [...]

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MLM Recruiting – What NOT To Do! 

MLM Recruiting - The 7 Deadly Sins Of Recruiting & Sponsoring Often times, in the excitement and nervousness of sharing your Home Biz Opportunity to a prospect, we forget the fundamentals of MLM recruiting, and as a result... big mistakes happen. We've all been there before (I know I certainly have). However, if your home [...]

4 Crucial Tips On How To Overcome Objections

How To Overcome Objections In The Sales Process As a sales person and marketer you probably already know that throughout the sales process there will always be objections.  But the question still remains; what is the best way to know how to overcome objections? Some people look forward to questions and objections because they believe this [...]

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Increase Blog Results In Less Time – Blogging For The “Solopreneur”

How to Increase Blog Results For Your Business Want to increase blog results? Then you've come to the right place! As a marketer, you're probably aware of how important a blog can be for your business,  and you'd like to increase blog results to get more traffic and sales. However, if you’re a “Solopreneur” or [...]

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Internet Marketing Success

One Surefire Way to Achieve Internet Marketing Success Fast Let's be honest, it's NOT easy to attain Internet Marketing Success.  There are many moving parts, there's advanced technology, and there are tactical strategies that are constantly evolving and changing. Do you ever start things that you don’t finish? Like projects or hobbies? (I started a [...]

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The Fastest Way To Increase Your Conversion Rate

The Fastest Way To Double Your Conversions As an affiliate marketer you already know how important it is to increase your conversion rate. However, in today's hyper competitive world of internet marketing, product launches,  and over hyped promotions it can be hard for your prospects to determine what is legitimate and what is a waste [...]

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3 Proven Steps To Build An Online Brand

3 STEPS TO BUILD AN ONLINE BRAND     Looking to build an online brand? You've come to the right place! In today’s fast paced world of Facebook, You Tube, and information at our finger tips, the ability to successfully build an online brand is critical for your business success. One of the best ways to attract [...]

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The Truth Behind Paid vs. Free Marketing

The Truth Behind Paid vs. Free Marketing The truth behind Paid vs. Free Marketing You may have heard a lot talk about utilizing paid vs. free marketing strategies when building your business online.  Well in today's article and video we will break down the differences between the two and uncover some of the [...]

3 Things You Must Know To Overcome The Money Objection

How To Overcome The Money Objection Want to learn how to overcome the money objection? Then you've come to the right place! If you're in Direct Sales or the Home Based Business industry then you most certainly have encountered the money objection. However, in order to know how to overcome the money objection you must [...]

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Get Free Access Today to Our 7 Figure Facebook Blueprint!

This is the exact blueprint we use in our own business!

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