Get More Traffic To Your Website

Get More Traffic To Your Website

Everyone knows that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

But if you want to get more traffic to your website, you’ll need to know the potential pitfalls you’ll encounter along the way.

Fact is… one of the questions most frequently asked by business owners is…

“How do I get more traffic to my website?”

But did you also know that there are 3 traffic problems that nobody ever talks about?

  1. Traffic methods are constantly changing
  2. Without a proven offer to send your traffic to you’re wasting your money
  3. If you don’t build an email list from your traffic your business will be a leaky bucket with the profits dripping out the bottom.

In a moment I’m going to share with you the # 1 way to get more traffic to your website…

… but first I want to talk with you about challenges with getting traffic that so many marketers and business owners face.

Get More Traffic To Your Website


Get More Traffic To Your Website: Why Is Traffic So Important?

If you run your own business and you want more people to see your products or offers…

… you probably already know that getting more traffic to your website is critical.

However, you also probably know that getting more traffic is not as easy as it seems.

This is why most micro-businesses or home based businesses struggle to generate a profit and eventually fail.

You could have the best product since the invention of the lightbulb…

But if no one knows about it…

How is it going to sell?

Imagine this scenario…

You live in “Anytown, USA” and you own and operate a fine wine store.

Your store is located on Main St. in the downtown area which is the center for business and commerce.

Families and visitors alike are visiting Main St. every day.

They walk up and down Main St. and pass by all of the busy storefront shops.

They see the Candy store, the gourmet popcorn store, the sushi restaurant etc.

And all of those businesses are thriving because they all have so much pedestrian traffic coming in and out of their stores each and every day.

But for some reason… your wine store isn’t getting any business.


Get more traffic to your website

As it turns out… your location isn’t right on Main St.

It’s actually just off Main St.

Additionally, you don’t really have a storefront for people to see and walk into.

Your store is actually in the basement.

To make matters worse, your potential customers have to walk down a dark and dingy ally before they even see the tiny sign for your wine store.

Upon making it to your store…

the customers have to enter your store through a bulkhead entrance.

In essence they’re walking down 8-10 steps into what seems like a basement from an old house built in the 1960’s.

Do you think you’re going to get many customers coming in off the streets to check out your fantastic wine collection?

Of course not!

Wouldn’t it be much more effective if your wine store was prominently located in an easy to access and well lit area right on Main St.?


This is the same thing that is happening to your business right now if you’re not getting any traffic to your website or offers.

If you’re showing up on page 2, 3 or 4 (or worse) on Google…

That is the same thing as a pedestrian who has to detour off Main St. and walk down a dark and dingy ally and enter your wine store through a bulkhead.

Nobody is going to do that!


Get More Traffic To Your Website: The Questions You Should Ask

So you may be asking yourself…

“How do I get more traffic to my business or website?”

What most marketers and home based business owners do when trying to get more traffic for their business is they either:

1.) Outsource their traffic needs…


2.) They try to figure this out all on their own.

Unfortunately, for most people neither of these two options work.

Here’s why…

1.) Outsourcing Your Traffic Needs:

There are countless self proclaimed “Gurus” out there who will gladly charge you a pretty penny to get you “guaranteed clicks” to your offers.

The problem is… this can be very expensive and there are a lot of questions swirling about these “clicks”.

  • What is their traffic source?
  • What is the quality of this traffic?
  • Is it targeted traffic based upon the unique demographics that pertain to your product or offer?
  • Is this old or recycled traffic? (they’ve already been presented many offers prior to seeing yours)

These are all very important questions that you’ll rarely get answers to when you outsource your traffic needs.

2.) Master A Traffic Strategy All On Your Own

It’s completely understandable if you’re now a bit uncomfortable outsourcing your traffic needs.

We all probably know someone who has been ripped before by a traffic “expert” who promised the world but didn’t deliver.

Not to mention, when they do deliver… the quality of traffic is extremely poor.

Poor traffic = lots of clicks but very few conversions.

So you’ve decided to go it alone.

In the spirit of Lewis & Clark, Christopher Columbus, and Grizzly Adams…   Get more traffic to your website

… you decide to embark on a journey to learn and master a specific traffic source so you’ll never have to rely on the “gooroos” again.

This is a very noble approach… but also a long and treacherous one.

In the same manner that the early explorers faced pitfalls and challenges, so will you.

There will be wild animals trying to attack you (think Penguin and Panda updates by Google)

There will be indigenous people who want to kill you (think algorithm and rule changes by Facebook and Google)

Not to mention all of the money it costs to go through the “trial and error” while learning traffic.

Paying for your mistakes (literally) is a very expensive and aggravating route.

You may think that learning traffic skills on your own will save you money in the long run…

However, it is a long, frustrating and expensive road to take when you try to master traffic strategies on your own.


But I Need Traffic For My Website!

By now you probably realize that outsourcing your traffic leaves far too many unanswered questions…

And trying to master a traffic strategy all on your own can be a long, frustrating, and expensive way to go.

So how do you get more traffic to your website without spending a fortune or taking years to learn?

Remember earlier when we discussed the 3 biggest problems with traffic these days?

  1. Traffic methods are constantly changing
  2. Without a proven offer to send your traffic to you’re wasting your money
  3. If you don’t build an email list from your traffic your business will be a leaky bucket with the profits dripping out the bottom.

Get more traffic to your website

Unfortunately, these challenges aren’t going away.

Even the most experienced traffic experts deal with these 3 problems… however they know how to work around them.

But the question is… do you?


Get More Traffic To Your Website: The Answer You’ve Been Waiting For

Look, unless you’re already a highly skilled traffic expert these 3 problems will continue to plague you and bog you and your business down.

So how do you get more traffic to your website without spending a fortune on an ad agency or paying over inflated prices for low quality traffic that wont convert?

It’s simple… you need a system

But not just any system…

You need a system that will teach you how to:

  • Get traffic – so you can have more eyeballs seeing your offers and going to your website
  • Monetize that traffic – provide relevant, highly converting offers in front of your audience
  • Build (and nurture) an email list – create a recurring “cash on demand” income from your list of email subscribers

Specifically, you need a system that will:

  1. Provide up-to-the-minute training from real “in the trenches” traffic experts who will teach you the exact same methods they’re currently using to earn millions of dollars online.
  2. Teach you how to IMMEDIATELY turn that traffic into cash by promoting some of the internet’s best-selling products as an affiliate
  3. Show you how to build a “cash on demand” email list by sending traffic to proven lead-capture pages that are built for you

This is the best known way to conquer the traffic problem that is plaguing so many affiliate marketers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs today.

Best of all… this system and the training you need to implement it are a fraction of the cost of the over priced “gurus” out there.

Also, when you use this system you’ll save yourself countless hours of frustration and setbacks you’d experience if you tried to master a traffic strategy on your own.


Get More Traffic To Your Website: Next Steps

If you’re tired of your offers or websites not being found online…

And your business is still not where you want it to be..

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