How to Increase Blog Results For Your Business

increase blog results

Want to increase blog results?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

As a marketer, you’re probably aware of how important a blog can be for your business,  and you’d like to increase blog results to get more traffic and sales.

However, if you’re a “Solopreneur” or a micro business, it can be difficult to find time to consistently create good, quality blog content day after day.

Fact is: what most business owners really want is to know how to get more results in less time. 

Most likely you’re already working on several other aspects of your business (sales, marketing, admin, product fulfillment, accounting, customer service, etc).

Increase blog results
As Chief cook and bottle washer, creating the time and finding the energy to also create great blog content can seem like a daunting task. 

The good news is…. creating quality blog content and finding the time to increase blog results is easier than you think.

In today’s article I’m going to explain the different blog identities that exist on the internet today and share with you specifically how to increase blog results for your business when you don’t have a lot of extra time. 


3 Different Blogger Categories

Let’s start by examining the different “blogger categories” or identities, so we can help you can identify which category you fall into. 

There are 3 different categories of blogs/bloggers that exist on the internet today.

The categories are:

A. “I’m a publisher and I’m trying to build a media property” (i.e. or

B. “I sell products and services and I want to use the blog to attract my target audience” (typical small business owner/entrepreneur using their blog to enhance business).

C.  “I’m just kinda blogging – I don’t really have anything to sell” (someone who is passionate about a subject and likes to write about it).

The first thing you want to ask yourself is….

What is the purpose of this blog and which category do I fit into?

Most of our clients and the people that we coach and work with fall into “Category B”. 

However, there are still lots of bloggers out there that fall into “Category C” who are blogging without an actual offer or a way to monetize their blog.  

We even work with a few people who think they fall into a “A/B” hybrid category.

If you think this might be you, then ask yourself…

Are you trying to be Men’ (publisher) or are you just trying to sell some health products on your blog?

If you apply this question to your niche/product, you should be able to determine whether you’re an “A” or a “B”.


How To Run Your Blog Based On Your Category 



If you’re going to be a publisher you’ve got to crank out good content all of the time.

Lots of it!

You will be competing against other publishers within your niche, so quality AND quantity is key here.

So, if you’re an “A” plan to publish new content at least once a day.

Also, don’t rely solely on advertising as a revenue source. Consider adding an e-book or some products that relate to the purpose of your blog.  

Additional revenue streams are good!

Furthermore, in order to increase blog results you’ll need to be well above average at SEO.

If you want to increase blog results you’ll need to master the organic traffic strategies i.e. Social Media and SEO.

You’ve got to get really good at this because the on page SEO and Social Media syndication of your content will be instrumental to getting eyeballs to your blog. 

Finally, in order to increase blog results you should consider hiring a team.  

Writers, a proof reader, and even an editor will be critical when it comes to the sheer volume and quality of content you’ll need to produce to compete against other publishers. 



increase blog results

Many people who are category “B” feel they need to run their blog as if they were in category “A”.

As a category “B” blogger, the first thing you need to do is recognize that you’re not in category “A”! 

Stop putting the pressure of being a publisher onto your own business.

Again, realize that you’re not in category “A” and take yourself off the hook of a publisher deadline. 

You’re not a publisher!

So stop trying to run your blog the same way a publisher has to.

Your main goal as a category “B” blogger should be to attract your target market to you. 

In order to do this you need to:

  1. Write one really good “anchor” piece of content that maps back to your offer. 
  2. Schedule out your content and recognize that creating 2-3 pieces of content per week is enough.
  3. Slow it down and take the time to create good, quality content, but don’t feel the need to pump out new original content every day. 

Once you have a quality piece of long form content that maps back to your offer you should drive traffic to that post.

You can use social media sites i.e Facebook, Pinterst, Twitter, or You Tube and target people that are interested in that subject matter. 

Every so often, create a new piece of long form content (at least 800 words to get it ranked on the search engines) and again, make sure it maps back to a front end offer. 

All you’re looking to do is get people to raise their hand to say “I’m interested in ________ (your offer).”

You don’t need 50,000 articles out there to get people to notice this. 

If you can blog once a day or 3 times per week then great! Keep doing that. 

But if you don’t have the time to create new blog content each day because you’re also trying to do a hundred other things with your business…

… then just create one great piece of content and drive traffic to it. 



If  you’re just blogging for the sake of blogging or because you think blogging will somehow grow a business for you then….

YOU need an offer! 

A lot of people have been sold on the idea that you can make money just by blogging even if you don’t have an offer.

Unfortunately this is not the case.

If you want to produce revenue from your blog you will need to have an offer (i.e. an E-book or a product) that provides some kind of a solution to the topics or “pains” that you’re blogging about.

So get clear on your target market, get clear on your offer and learn how to sell your offer through your content. 

But you have to figure out how to sell your offer regardless of how often you create a new piece of content.

Customers are not just going to come to your blog and magically and buy your stuff. 

The plan should be “what’s the offer?” and “how are you going to sell that?”

So stop blogging just for the sake of blogging. 


Increase Blog Results In Less Time

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Next Steps:

Now that you know how to increase your blog results in less time it’s time for you to implement these tips into your business.

However, there’s a chance your struggling to create your own compelling content.

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