Content Marketing: 6 Ideas For Endless Content Creation

Content Marketing

There’s a good chance that you’re aware of how valuable content marketing is for your business.

Content will help you build your brand, establish yourself as an authority, and help to convert more ice cold prospects into RED HOT BUYERS!

However, if you’re relatively new to building your business or if you’re not a professional, full time writer there’s a good chance that you’ll have a difficult time coming up with ideas for your content creation and content marketing.

The good news is that in this article I’ve got you covered with 6 ideas for endless content creation so that you’ll never have to struggle with content ideas again!


The Challenge Of Content Marketing Creation

So let’s face it…. if you want to attract prospects to you and establish yourself as an authority you’ve got to create compelling, quality, content.

Not only that, you’ve also need to create compelling, quality content on a fairly consistent basis.

The reality is most people fall into one of the following two categories:

  1. Create content that isn’t compelling enough to move your prospect towards a buying decision
  2. Don’t create enough content to establish the Know, Like, & Trust factor so their prospects are comfortable buying from them

Let’s briefly dive into both of these so you can really understand why this is so important.


Content Marketing: Creating Compelling Content That Converts

If you’re content isn’t compelling then it wont serve it’s purpose; to convert people into buyers.

You may be asking….

“Bill, what do you mean by ‘compelling content’? I create content and it is very informative.” 

Great question.

By “compelling content” I mean content that does the following:

  1. Uncovers or exposes a pain of your target audience
  2. Agitates the pain in a way that your target audience realizes that they must find a solution for this pain
  3. Provides a solution to the pain (your offer being the solution)

When you effectively uncover, agitate, and provide a solution to your target audience’s pain…

… you will motivate them to want to take action to solve that pain.

So, provided that your offer is actually a solution to your reader’s pain, your compelling content will accomplish the goal of your turning prospects into buyers.

I’m now going to reveal 6 crazy simple ideas so that will provide you with an endless supply of content creation topics.


Content Marketing: 6 Crazy Simple Ideas For Endless Content Creation

Having a great content marketing strategy often times starts with having plenty of ideas for your content.

What is cool with what I’m going to share with you is that you don’t have to be an expert in a particular marketing field to create content.

With these ideas you will be able to create strong, compelling content and position yourself as an authority all without having to spend years mastering a subject or becoming an expert.

So let’s dive into the 6 ideas.


1.)  Go Into Facebook Groups To See What People Are Asking

I’m sure you are involved with at least a few Facebook groups or online forums of some kind.

A cool way to come up with ideas for your content is to go int the various online or Facebook groups that pertain to your industry or niche and see what other people are asking.

This is great way to “survey the market” and get you finger on the pulse of what people are wanting to know.

After a little while you will start to see some common questions or topics that people want to know about.

This is your key to content creation right here!

Do a bit of research, find the answers to their questions and create content around it.


2.)  Company Or Product Review

Perhaps you’ve purchased a product and you also happen to be an affiliate for that product (meaning you can also sell the product and receive a commission for the sale).

Or maybe you’re using a system that gives you tools or leverage and you can also refer other people to this system and you’ll earn a commission.

A great idea for content creation is to write a review about the product or company.

Give people your opinion on the product/company and share your results or experience as an actual user of the product.

This will accomplish two things:

  1. You are selling the product or company because of your review and as a result you’re putting yourself in a position to make more commissions.
  2. You are establishing yourself as an authority because you’re the one who bought the course, got results, and took the time to write the review.

Remember: who ever is creating the content (no matter what kind of content it is) is viewed as the authority. So anytime you can find a legitimate reason to create content you are doing your brand and your authority status a favor.


3.) Dig Deep Into Your Offer/Write Out The Pains

If  you’re struggling with content marketing ideas then simply think about your target audience/Customer Avatar and write out a list of their pains.

Also, think about the solution that your offer provides to your target market. There are likely many different pains and many different reasons as to why your offer is a solution.

On separate lists, write down the pains your target audience is experiencing as well as the reasons that your offer the solution for those pains.

Lets say for example, there are 5 pains and 5 different reasons why your offer is a solution.

You now have 10 different ideas for content.

Content Marketing


4.) Look Up Top 10 Blogs On (Fill In Topic Here)

Lets say you’ve decided that you want to create content about Facebook marketing.

In order to come up with Facebook topics you should go out to the Top 10 blogs on Facebook and see what they’re writing about.

What’s great about this strategy is that you don’t have to be the expert.

You can go out to different blogs or websites and research or aggregate information.

In essence, you can find the best snippets from several different articles, put them into your own words, and piece it all back together in a nice, tight package.

Now let me be clear here…. I’m not suggesting that you copy and paste sections of other people’s articles to recreate one article of your own.

However, you can take their content and as long as you really understand it and then repackage into your own words and style to come up with  your own content.


5.)  Watch Webinar or Training

Most likely, you’re probably already attending many different webinars or watching weekly trainings of some kind.

If you’re anything like how I used to be I would watch the webinar, take some notes, hopefully apply what I learned to my business and that was that.

However, at one point I learned this neat trick and I’ve used it ever since then to come up with fresh content ideas.

I watch the webinar/training with the full intent to take notes so that I can apply what I learned to my business.

However, now I also make sure that I have 3 big takeaways or “nuggets” that I can sink my teeth into and understand in a way that I can reposition it in my own words and from a place of real understanding.

So here’s how I do this:

  • I hear or see the info on a webinar
  • I write it down
  • I think about it
  • I comprehend it
  • I really let it sink in and “metabolize it”
  • I apply it to my own business
  • I write about what I did and the results I got

The last bullet point is where I get my content from.

With this formula you will now have as many content ideas as webinars you attend.

If you use that formula in the right way you will have constant content ideas for your content marketing.


6.)  Live Event Notes

I’m sure you’ve attended a live event before.

A company convention, an industry seminar, a live workshop?

Sure you have… we ALL HAVE! 

In fact, not too long ago Michelle and I co-hosted our Traffic Mastery 180 Intensive Workshop.

This was a 3 day, $5k/head workshop for about 10 eager and committed entrepreneurs.

We literally spent 3 days working with our TM180 Workshop clients on funnels, traffic, branding, content, etc.

Do you think they had a few notes by the end of the workshop??



Not only did they each have pages and pages of notes… but they also now had an in depth understanding of how all of these business elements work.

In fact, each of our attendees walked away with 10-15 different content topics that they can provide to their lists and their audiences.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create fresh, cutting edge content then I recommend that you go back to those notes for a second or even third look.

Contained within that notebook (or your laptop depending on your note taking style) is a treasure chest full of not only content ideas but most likely the bulk of the content too!

Yeah you may have to do a Google search or two to fill in the blanks or round out the edges of your notes to make the content complete.

But I’m willing to bet that you take a lot of notes at your next live event that you will walk away with at least 5 – 10 different pieces of content just waiting to be created by you.


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Content Marketing Ideas: Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read this entire article you know there are 6 great ways for you to come up with ideas for  your content.

They are:

  1. Facebook groups
  2. Product/Company reviews
  3. Dig deep into your offer to identify the pain it solves
  4. Leveraging other blogs within your niche
  5. Top 3 takeaways from webinar training
  6. Live event notes

Between these 6 ideas you should have no trouble coming up with ideas the next time you want to write a blog post.

However, if you still feel stuck or you’re not 100% certain what to write about then get your hands on my free report titled…

“24 Sneaky Hacks To Create An Endless Stream Of Compelling Blog Ideas” 



Questions? Comments??

We want to hear from you!

What’s one of your favorite ways to come up with content ideas?

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