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Zeek Rewards Responses From Real People

So yesterday I wrote a post on how I was disgusted by the vultures in MLM who were preying upon the victims of Zeek Rewards, view HERE.

Well the responses in reference to my Zeek Rewards post have been flooding in via Facebook and the emails too.  I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the responses and to protect the identity of those in Zeek Rewards who sent in these responses, I have removed their names.

Some of these responses were off my blog post, my Facebook status updates and my personal email I personally sent out to my Zeek Rewards leads from the past.

Hello Michele its quite a shock to me and my family who is striving to make ends meet and this happened to us , I started in Zeek Rewards last june and put up $5,000 but look how unfortunate we are I’m glad to hear from you please let me know how can I get my money back I cant go on with life anymore pls just help me get our money back please. 
Sincerely ——

I was in Zeek Rewards and SEC has shut them down. I brought quite a few people in. I don’t know if any will get their money back. It has hurt and possibly destroyed some people.
I really have no idea what you could do to help at this time.

Im bitter

MLM is a waste of time

Thank you.  I appreciate you and Bill taking the time to reach out.
Im going to take a break for a moment (one day) and then figure out where I would like to go from here.
 well A friend of mine told me about Zeek Rewards but I didnt know it was shut down until you sent me this link. Aside from that let me tell about myself I am someone who has struggled to find a job in my field of study so Im trying so find legitimate business opportunities online. Is that something you may be able to help with ?
Just wanted to thank you for this offer and haven’t decided what to
do. It just seems that i always pick the wrong business to pursue and
this has been no different. It was too good to be true.
Thank you, —–

Ya, I put my last $3,000 grand  I had in Zeek Rewards and lost it all. What a scam. If you want to do anything then get my money back.

Thanks,  ——

Just when I think im better I read some words of comfort…and I tear up again. I was a part of Zeek Rewards since 2011. As god is my witness, I never saw this! ….never coming to this! It is what it is and with some level of shame and embarrassment that I cannot explain, however, ill move on from this.
I have received tremendous support from people in and outside of Zeek Rewards. Michelle, you were one of the first Leaders to take a morally higher road the day this story was breaking . Others, including some known leaders in our Profession took a different stance. Some posted, “…I told you so…”. Funny how everyone After the fact is now a Lawyer! I expect more from industry leaders! WE have Helped to place you all in certain position of leadership and authority in this profession. 
Yes, the words have been hurtful by some; however Michelle, you have hit the nail on the head. These saviors that are flying low since late Thursday night have changed marketing tactics in a way that is most times offensive to a Zeek…all in a ‘vulturistic’ way to recruit and pick up low hanging fruit. 
I have been engaged in perhaps 100 text, phone calls, emails, chats…since late Thursday when Zeek Rewards received the only notice we have seen direct form our company, “…the event next week has been cancelled….” 

I don’t expect everyone to feel sorry for me, nor even the hundreds of thousands of other Zeeks around the world. All I ask is that you be respectful of a challenging situation…WE Have ALL lots our Businesses!!! GONE! I’m in serious doubt about ever salvaging any of my Down line…Most have said to me…no more network marketing. Dreams have been killed and a bad taste left that will haunt the industry. Sadly, I understand their positions….

Michelle, I don’t normally write things like this…I am teared as I do as I feel that I had a great opportunity to impact so many…and yet, I was wrong. I care about people, all people…I thought that’s what this industry was founded on. And as Troy Dooley best said yesterday, why we are going to prey on the wounded in our Profession…
Michelle, thank you for your words…they mean a lot to me and I am certain they will effect others in a positive way as well.

My Zeek Rewards Thoughts…..

This is only a handful of responses I have gotten and quite frankly I am just amazed by all the responses.  In fact some of these responses really tore me up inside.  To be honest I had no idea how many people were so dependent on their income from Zeek Rewards.  It’s easy to judge and assume when you are on the outside as we were not a part of Zeek Rewards nor ever considered it.  As I have always said, you must walk a mile in someone’s shoes to fully understand where they are coming from.

So what now?  What do those who have lost everything in Zeek Rewards or have lost all faith in the home based industry do now?

I am not going to take the stance that many have taken that the people in Zeek Rewards should of known this was coming or they should of done better research.  It’s not my place.  What is done is done and now it’s time to just pick up the pieces and move forward.

My first suggestion is to think about yourself and your family and block out the haters.  If this was your first experience in network marketing or your third you might being hearing the statement, “I told you it was a scam.”  I know it’s unfortunate but if you want my advice, take those words and prove them wrong. This industry has created more millionaires than any other industry.  It’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and find a new vehicle.

There is no need to ponder as to why this happened to you.  Learn from it, move on and treat this as a learning experience in your career.  Everything happens for a reason and you don’t need to know that reason, just know there is a bigger and better plan ahead for you. It’s all going to be a part of your story that will attract people to you.

I’ve made some bad moves in my network marketing career, but had I of not made those moves I would not of known what to look for in my next move or what not to look for. Each step gets you closer to your success that you deserve. Don’t be ashamed of your mistakes.  If you are going to fail, fall flat on your face, fall and fail fast and get up quickly.  Those who get up faster than the others who fall are the ones who succeed quicker.

The sense that I am getting from those who have responded to my most recent Zeek Rewards post is that they lost everything.  While I could give advice on why you don’t put all your eggs in one basket or go into details as to why Zeek Rewards may of not been viable business, I don’t think it would serve you well.

At this point what I can say is this…..if you truly want to be an entrepreneur, have burning desire to succeed and live the life of financial freedom, time freedom, etc, then know this….with any business you own there is always a risk.  You must take those risks to reap the rewards.

Bill and I have taken many risks in our business to get to where we are today.  We live a healthy 6 figure lifestyle and while it may look like we accomplished this by cruising down the easy road, know this….we did not.  We put in our dues, paid the price, risked a lot, worked hard, and never looked back.

In the end my friends it is well worth it.  So, if you are looking for a way to pick up the pieces after Zeek Rewards, we hope you find the inspiration in this post to move forward with your career in the home based industry.

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