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Zeek Rewards – Why I Am Disgusted

This Zeek Rewards article may speak directly to you or maybe you can relate to why I am so disgusted by the news.

The news…. the SEC shuts down the popular website ZeekRewards.com calling it a $600 million dollar ponzi scheme.  Click HERE to view the article.

As a online marketer I am seeing the news flying fast all over the social media outlets such as Facebook.  What saddens me about this entire situation is that real people, who have real dreams, just had the carpet ripped out from under them.  While I realize there were quite a few that did not have a lot of skin in the game, there were quite a few who did.  Many who were earning a healthy 6 figure salary and/or earning easily 5 figures a month.

Bill and I personally have a few on our Numis team who were part of Zeek Rewards and while we did not support Zeek Rewards, we do care about their well being.

No, we are not a part of Zeekler / Zeek Rewards nor did we have any interest.

This is by no means an article saying that we think Zeek Rewards was a viable vehicle it’s more about why I am disgusted with the behavior of many in our industry.

So, what has gotten me so disgusted is the vultures who are preying upon these people.  I recently visited several Zeek Rewards Facebook Fan Pages and saw post after post where people were saying in one line, “Sorry for your loss” and in the second, “I have an amazing opportunity you should look at, XYZ MLM.”

Really?  Come on!  Yes, I am fired up about this. Stop the pitching and the preying is what I have been telling those individuals.  While I am only one voice and may not make a difference, I will at least let my voice be heard to those who are doing this.  Think about the kind of person you are attracting by just spamming your links all over the Zeek Rewards Page?  Think about the kind of people you will be attracting that fall for those pitches?  Is this the kind of person you want working on your team?  For us personally, I would rather hand select the person we want on our team.

I have been receiving numerous emails because of my response on the Zeek Rewards pages where people think just because I posted on those pages that I am in Zeek.  The emails read like this:

Hi Michelle, my name is XYZ, and I know we don’t know each other, however now that the hammer has dropped and ZR is out of business, I want to do something to help those who were members.

I’ve been working at home for about seven years now as a small business owner and marketing consultant, and what I’m offering is assistance with helping those who are losing out now with ZR to recover as quickly as possible with an opportunity that is more stable (because it’s not MLM) and with a company that has paid out more than $10m to it’s affiliates in the last 18 months.

I’m pretty sure you’ll see a lot of people trying to “cap” on ZR going out of business, however my goal is helping people, and I’d like to speak with you for a moment if you’ll allow it.

If you’d like to find out more about me, you can just Google “Dexter Nelson” or see the testimonials and reviews people have left on my new site XYZ.com (a site I built to help others make more money online).

I look forward to hearing from you.

The Zeek Rewards shut down is an unfortunate event and actions like this are what give our industry a bad name.  I want these people to realize it’s time to have some class and stop partaking in this kind of behavior.  It’s time to quit thinking about your own wallet and and lead with your heart, show some sympathy and let these guys who were a part of Zeek Rewards process what has happened to them.  I bet many of them have families that depended on this income.  It’s tragic course of events and to have the carpet ripped out from under you is very unfortunate.

If you were a part of Zeek Rewards, then if my advice is worth anything, don’t give up on the home based industry.  I received several emails from past Zeek Rewards participants who have said they are done with MLM.  They are bitter they say and feel now it was just a waste of time.

This definitely saddens me because the home based industry can be an amazing industry you just have to be careful not to fall for opportunities that offer little to know investment to get started. Fall for opportunities that require little to no time commitment. These kinds of offers should always raise a big red flag in your mind,  if you are considering this type of business.

Okay off my Zeek Rewards rant, go out there a be a person of integrity and of value and the people who truly want it will find you.

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