In this video I will go into how to get more Twitter followers for your profile. Also how you can generate leads from your followers.

Twitter Followers:

Getting more Twitter followers can be a great thing for your business when done correctly. Often times I see people try to buy Twitter followers in bulk but that’s a horrible idea. To gain Twitter followers you want to use Twitters new advertising platform. ¬†Ideally you want to provide valuable and engaging content to your Twitter followers. With Twitter ads you can promote your Twitter profile or you can promote your Tweets. Each one of these ads serves a different purpose. Promoting your profile can help you get more Twitter followers that are targeted based on your criteria. Promoting you tweets allows you to carry your message, offer, or product to other followers based on interests.

The thing that you also want to be mindfull of is making sure that you are monetizing your Twitter followers. You want to make sure that you are taking full advantage of your followers so that you’re not throwing money away. Now as you can see my friend Vince Reed has a course that will show you how to grow your business using Twitter. I’ve been testing this out since taking his course and I have been getting some really great results. I really like seeing where Twitter is going with their advertising methods.

There are millions of users that are active on Twitter on a daily basis, people tweet about all sorts of things, how their day is going, how their MLM is doing, what biz opportunity their in etc. With all of this information available for an advertiser to use in their targeting then it only makes sense to use Twitter ads to get more targeted Twitter followers.

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