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4 Tips to a Rock Solid Social Media Strategy

So you think you need a rock solid social media strategy in place to grow your business successfully?

You’re absolutely right!

Having a social media strategy in place is critical for your business growth.

However, I see a lot of entrepreneurs whose social media strategy is pretty much about throwing a lot of mud up against the wall and hoping it sticks.  Unfortunately, that’s not a strategy that’s going to put your business into profit.

Believe it or not implementing a social media strategy is a science, but definitely not rocket science.

So, today I want to help you put a solid social media marketing plan in place that you can focus on moving forward in your business and not moving backwards by just winging it.

Social Media Strategy

There are 4 things you need to focus on when it comes to your social media strategy:

Since our preferred platform is Facebook, I am going to be referencing this social media strategy via Facebook.  Though this will also apply to all social media platforms that you are using as your main marketing strategy, whether that be Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, etc….



1.) Listen To Your Audience:

Find out what their pains are. What do they struggle with?  Genuinely care about their wants and needs. Think about this…..there are millions of brands online using social media, what keeps you coming back for more?  Most likely it’s because the particular brand you are following is listening to you & responding to your wants & needs, whether that be through responding directly to you or through their content.

Don’t be the brand who only focuses on him or herself. I call this post, dump and run. Be the brand who listens and allows their audience to steer the direction of your business when it comes to providing providing regular content.


2.) Influence Your Audience:

Focus on becoming the “go to” person within your marketing niche.

You know… the problem solver.

Why do you visit the pages you visit now?

Most likely it’s because the owner of that page has  established some sort of authority within a particular niche.

Additionally, always keep your message inspiring, positive and motivating throughout all of your content and value you provide.  We are surrounded by negativity already, so be the person people can come to to feel good about themselves. Be a problem solver.


3.) Network Within Your Audience Or Marketing Niche:

Use your social media platform as a way to build up a solid community that welcomes people to share their thoughts, visions & dreams.

The more networking you can do, the more exposure you can give your brand and/or business.  Creating a community like atmosphere creates amazing sticking power.

The more you can get your audience to stick around the better chance you have at creating life long customers.


4.) Sell Your Products And/Or Services:

You can’t forget this one!

While it’s fun to post inspiring, valuable, motivational content on social media and it’s fun to influence and network.

Don’t forget that you are here for business.

If you want to be a profitable business, you have to sell.

If you implement the first 3 tips in your social media strategy on a consistent basis, then selling will appear natural to your audience and not forceful / spammy.  No one goes onto social media to buy.  They go to connect with friends, family, co-workers, etc…

There’s a method to selling on social media and it all stars with building solid relationships. By listening to your audience, influencing, and networking you will build up the know, like, & trust factor which will make selling a lot easier.


social media strategy

If you focus on these 4 tips you can have a rock solid social media strategy in place for your business.  Consistency is key.

Once you have your social media strategy in place whether you do it yourself or if you outsource it’s always a great idea to give your brand a boost with paid advertising.

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With that said, I hope you enjoyed this post on 4 tips to building a rock solid social media strategy and if you got value be sure to comment & feel free to share with someone you care about.


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