Twitter Marketing

Stop creating content right now!

Seriously… just stop. 

  • Stop writing blog posts
  • Stop sharing your offer on social media
  • Stop promoting your offer online. 


Because hardly anyone is seeing your stuff!  

Did you know that with the current SEO rules and the algorithms that Social Media uses…

unless your using advanced paid marketing strategies less than 5% of your audience (fans, followers, etc) are seeing any of your posts. 

So why bother… right? 

But did you know there is 1 Social Media platform that allows you to fully automate your content distribution and stand above all of the noise so you get more eyeballs to your blog posts and more people seeing your offers?

That social media platform is Twitter. 

I’ll share with you a story about why Twitter is so great in a second but before I do…

Imagine for a second if you ignore this problem and continue what you’ve been doing. 

Here’s what I mean…

When faced with the challenge of getting more eyeballs to their blog or website most marketers will:

  • Spend thousands of dollars on SEO services (most of whom don’t know what they’re doing)
  • Post their offer or buy link on social media 30 times per day (which really just makes them look like amateurs)
  • Try keyword stuffing or other “Black hat” tactics that Google will sniff out in an instant

But for most people none of that works. 

And what happens if you just do nothing?

Lets think about this… nobody sees your content so therefore you really have no brand or authority. 

When you have no brand or authority… nobody knows who you are… and therefore nobody ever buys from you. 

You end up earning zero commissions and when people ask you about your business you make up some excuse about how Google changed the rules of SEO and it’s their fault that your business didn’t succeed.  

But here’s the deal…

My good friend Adam Chandler went from 0 – 60k Twitter followers and as a result he now generates 15-30 leads per day (almost entirely on autopilot)

Also, thanks to his Twitter strategies his blog traffic has skyrocketed which has electrified his authority and influence as well as his paychecks. 

Here’s the catch… Adam leverages Twitter in a way that very few people know about and even fewer are teaching. 

The good news is… Michelle and I have convinced Adam to conduct a private Twitter training event for you!


On this training Adam will show you:

  • A never before seen tool for skyrocketing engagement with your Twitter followers – making them hyper-responsive to your posts and ridiculously curious about you and your business 
  • 2 top secret ways to use twitter “lead generation cards” to amplify lead flow with completely passive traffic
  • How to find and engage with the biggest influencers in your Twitter audience – this creates endless possibilities for expanding your audience, increasing your traffic and leads and sponsoring major players into your business
  • His #1 trick to instantly increase your Twitter traffic and lead-flow – takes less than 10 seconds to execute and completely missed by 99.9% of Twitter marketers


After you attend this elite training you will…

  • Become an authority in your niche and be taken seriously by your audience and prospects because of your new found influence 
  • Have so much more time on your hands because 95% of your lead generation is fully automated
  • Dominate affiliate contests or product launches and have people wondering what your “secret sauce” is
  • Be “the talk of the town” because more people than ever will be seeing your content or reading your blog posts

This is a training that if we offered it on a one-to-one basis would cost a minimum of $500… however this is yours for a fraction of the price. 

It all comes as part of a $37 paid webinar training event this Thursday May 19th at 9:00pm EST (6:00pm PST). 

Get all the details for the training here…

If you’re tired of feeling like other marketers get all the glory and you’re sick of not getting the results you deserve…

Stop what you’re doing and register for this training event now! 

CLICK HERE now to register for the training…

Talk soon! 


P.S. Earlier today Adam shared with me some of the automation tools he’s going to reveal to you on the training and I can’t believe how easy these things are to use. 

So if you like easy automation that will increase your brand and your lead flow then you can’t afford not to…

Join us Thursday night for our live training event! 

CLICK HERE to secure your spot…

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