Tribe Pro

Oh how I love Tribe Pro…..

What the heck is Tribe Pro and what can it do for you?  Well, if you are a blogger then you will want to check out how to be a part of this amazing group.

What is Tribe Pro

Tribe Pro is a content syndication site.  There are several different membership levels you can join in at, but I recommend you do at least one of the paid memberships to access the power of the Tribe.  There are three levels, Free…Plus…and Pro.  Click here for an explanation of the benefits you will receive for each level.

Inside you will find a community of other bloggers willing to help social bookmark and share your content across other social media sites.  By the help other other community bloggers the advantages are an increase in traffic, leads, Alexa rankings, and presence online.

Within the below video you will see how quickly and how effective it is to post content within the tribes you are a member of.  I literally posted my content in the Tribe and in  less than 5 minutes plus a click of a button I had 600 shares across the web.  Wowza!

This video was in reference to my Twitter Automation Post.

Now that’s power and there is hardly any work involved because Tribe Pro makes it easy to share other bloggers content by selecting to auto syndicate the people you follow.

It’s common and good practice to follow people who are following you and auto syndicate.  That’s what makes this a valuable needed tool if you are a content writer.

Tribe Pro rocks, right?


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